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A body piercing through the free margin of the ear
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The queen conch Strombus gigas Linnaeus, 1758 is a large marine gastropod of significant economic importance through the Greater Caribbean region (Theile, 2005).
Live conchs are not mistaken for dead conch and the presence of dead conch do not lead to overestimates of live conch.
Unlike vertebrates, which sluice their blood through vessels in a closed, recirculating system, conchs and other snails pump blood away from the heart in arteries that just--end.
In a rare move, the principals of Trade Wind Industries (TWI), who own the business and property known in the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI) as "The Conch Farm", have filed a law suit claiming damages of up to $85 million from current Governor Ric Todd and the TCI government, reports Caribbean News Now (Sept.
The researchers dated and measured more than 1,400 humped conch shells found at an archaeological site on the island of Palau in the western Pacific.
Today's Conchs are as resourceful and colorful as those early inhabitants.
Divers observed 1,497 tulip snails, 225 lightning whelks, and 75 horse conchs during the 4 y of the study (Table 1).
The broad shelf extending off northeastern Honduras and Nicaragua is where the principal fisheries for lobsters, shrimp, and conchs are conducted.
All conchs were classified as juveniles or adults taking the lip thickness as an indicator of sexual maturity.
Such substrates are known to be preferred by conchs (Arroyo-Mora 1998, 2003).
Overview of diets used in larviculture of three Caribbean Conchs: Queen Conch Strombus gigas, Milk Conch Strombus costatus and Fighting Conch Strombus pugilis.