conceptual framework

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the basic structure about which something is formulated or built.
conceptual framework (theoretical framework) an organization or matrix of concepts that provides a focus for inquiry.

conceptual framework

a group of concepts that are broadly defined and systematically organized to provide a focus, a rationale, and a tool for the integration and interpretation of information. Usually expressed abstractly through word models, a conceptual framework is the conceptual basis for many theories, such as communication theory and general systems theory. Conceptual frameworks also provide a foundation and organization for the educational plan in schools of nursing.

con·cep·tu·al frame·work

(kŏn-sepchū-ăl frāmwŏrk)
Set of interrelated theories that form the basis for a research study.
Synonym(s): theoretical framework.
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Scuttling theoretical and conceptual frameworks is taking the risk that we accept answers that may leave out major parts of the whole, misinterpret the meaning of the findings, or miss incongruences and contradictions.
This conceptual framework also uses the threats and safeguards approach described in Question 10.
The content of the revised code was redrafted using consistent drafting and style conventions with certain provisions revised to reflect the conceptual framework approach.
The nursing in the Native American culture conceptual framework was introduced and explained through handouts and visual aids.
In May 2008, in reference to Phase D of the project, the FASB/IASB issued a discussion paper entitled "Preliminary Views on an Improved Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting: The Reporting Entity.
As a first step, the unit at Urban State instituted a series of meetings led by an outside consultant to engage faculty in the development of a conceptual framework and a research-based narrative that supported its validity.
Conceptual Framework of an Emerging Infectious Disease
This conceptual framework is necessary due to "the absence of a liberal justice standard" in questions regarding migration laws (p.
We have relied on this conceptual framework to develop technology more rapidly for the Department of Defense.
Especially recommended reading for novice psychotherapists and students of psychotherapy wanting to learn more about dynamic psychotherapy, the emphasis is on the application of psychotherapy rather than psychotherapy's theoretical or conceptual framework.
For such a work it is easier to quote from the author: "My objective in the volume has been to develop a conceptual framework that integrates the biological, cognitive and social dimensions of life; a framework that enable us to adopt a systemic approach to some of the critical issues of our time.
International norm-establishing entities have been seeking to construct a conceptual framework for financial accountancy since the end of the 1970s, based on observing current accounting practice and research methods ruling the philosophy of science.

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