concept formation

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1. the process of giving shape or form; the creation of an entity, or of a structure of definite shape.
2. a structure of definite shape.
chiasma formation the process by which a chiasma is formed; it is the cytologic basis of genetic recombination, or crossing over.
compromise formation in psychoanalysis a substituted idea or act representing and permitting partial expression of a repressed conflict.
concept formation the ability to organize a variety of information to form thoughts and ideas, a cognitive performance component in occupational therapy.
reaction formation a defense mechanism in which a person adopts conscious attitudes, interests, or feelings that are the opposites of unconscious feelings, impulses, or wishes. For example, a person may use revulsion or repugnance to defend against an unconscious desire or attraction.

con·cept for·ma·tion

in psychology, the learning to conceive and respond in terms of abstract ideas based on an action or object.

con·cept for·ma·tion

(kon'sept fōr-mā'shŭn)
psychology Learning to conceive and respond in terms of abstract ideas based on an action or object.
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The notion that what is newer is better and that we have witnessed progress in human thinking is undermined in this short text, which explores and questions both critically and imaginatively the foundational assumptions that underpin concept formation in psychology, revealing stories and influences that the discipline might prefer to consign to oblivion.
In my experience, individuals with TBI can have barriers that can be challenging to overcome including memory, concept formation, awareness, timing, endurance, and, in some cases, problem solving.
In general, the fact that it has been difficult to identify the stimulus properties which acquire control over responding when the task entails great variation among stimulus properties has suggested the need for a new behavioral process, namely concept formation (Vonk & MacDonald, 2002).
The MLE interaction and FIE, as a rich source of cognitive processes and a mechanism for cognitive practice with concept formation, can play critical roles in producing these prerequisites.
Throughout the semester, each concept is engaged in a singular way starting with shape, which is the beginning of concept formation.
Although attention/concentration and processing speed, as well as executive functions such as verbal fluency, concept formation, abstract reasoning, planning and monitoring are commonly affected by MS, memory is one of the areas that is most compromised.
Open Competition: Implementation of expert-analytical work in 2014 on the review of available data, approaches, techniques, problems and determining the allocation of approaches to their solution; for expert development structure and concept formation models psychologically safe environment for educational institutions to combat violence in the student~s environment (subparagraph 4.
It covers definitions; resources for learning; thinking and concept formation and social skills; and history, geography, economics, and civics, as well as global connections.
For Heidegger, we must concern ourselves with Aristotle's account of concept formation in the concrete context common to all human beings as the mode of their being-there.
He focuses on concept formation and novel device production, while technological applications are only mentioned in passing and included in postscripts on power and communication technologies.
Chapter 4 examines the theme of knowledge, addressing such topics as skepticism, illumination, and concept formation.

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