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In [17], authors propose constructing large-scale concept ontology for multimedia (LSCOM).
Based on [19], the authors further proposed an approach for predicting the negative transfer of a concept classifier to a different domain given the observed parameters.
Joint concepts provide solutions to compelling, real-world challenges, both current and envisioned, for which existing doctrinal approaches and joint capabilities are deemed inadequate.
Joint Operating Concepts. Joint operating concepts that are synchronized with and complementary to national strategy provide a clear vision of how the joint force may be called to operate in the future operating environment.
Canas (2003) describes Concept mapping as a procedure of making out sense.
Today concept mapping is generally and successfully useful in many fields of education, recently there has been a lot of investigation done on concept mapping in science education but considerable accomplishment has been achieved by the solicitation of concept mapping in the teaching learning procedure to assimilate fresh concepts into the current scheme of information.
The purpose of this activity is to make a simple concept map that is designed while also improving student attitudes toward concept mapping as well as evaluating students real understanding of science concepts.
Teacher use a knife to cut raw potatoes in half prior to have students use them to make the stamps for their concept maps.
* To find out the self concept and daily living skills of children with Cerebral Palsy studying in inclusive schools.
Additional analysis within SNOMED CT's Clinical Finding hierarchy at the subhierarchy rooted at the concept Bleeding showed that overlapping concepts had an error rate that was 4.33 times higher than the nonoverlapping concepts (39% versus 9%) [31].
* To identify the difference in test anxiety and self concept of prospective teachers of three universities.
Deep knowledge facilitates researchers to make recommendations towards the improvement, creation and execution of interventions geared to self- concept development in the search to make best use of human potential.