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Having a common center, such that two or more spheres, circles, or segments of circles are within one another.
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Having a common center; said of two or more circles or spheres having a common center.
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Q. Where to concentrate on while losing weight and how? a strongest muscle and largest muscle reduction will help me in losing weight. Where to concentrate on while losing weight and how?

A. why not do a sport that activates more muscles then just one..? running or swimming? those actions work on groups of big muscles and on your heart and lungs system that is very important in order to get in shape.

Q. Does anyone have ideas for ways to overcome concentration problems without depending on medications? I'm reallllllly trying hard to study for my final exams and my ADD seems to bother me every time I touch the desk. Sometimes my thoughts fly out when I only think of how much I still have to study today!!! please- help if you can... I really don't want to start with meds...

A. Omega-3 fatty acids, phosphatidylserine, zinc and magnesium may have benefits with regard to ADD symptoms. i take omega-3 fatty acids every day for the past year and it helped me go threw a ruff year of studying.

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Visual field tests were divided into six categories: no abnormality, decreased retinal sensitivity, paracentral scotoma, concentrically narrowed visual field, arch scotoma, and quadrant irregularities.
In Obruchev's opinion, 'concentric tesserae' possess a primordial tubercle, situated concentrically (centrally) and concentric zones of satellite tubercles (Obruchev 1947a, p.
(33) in vitro results suggest that peak force generated eccentrically is higher than peak force generated concentrically, this probably does not apply in the in vivo situation.
Early radiograph descriptions, however, have reported on a characteristic concentrically lamellated pattern of splenic calcifications in chronic brucellosis, (3) which unfortunately has not been demonstrated after the advent of CT, (1) probably due to the rarity of splenic brucellomas and the much larger trend for an uncharacteristic gross appearance.
Precision versions are concentrically machined with a preloaded elastomer insert which takes up small amounts of misalignment, while also damping vibration from the motor.
It is important to strengthen these both "concentrically", which involves moving from a bent to a straightened position, and "eccentrically" for when you need to control from an extended to a bent knee position.
The cages, consisting of 2,4 or 6 rows, are arranged concentrically, SMC200x with each row spinning in the opposite direction.
At the conclusion of the case, an arthroscopic examination of the hip was performed, which confirmed a concentrically reduced hip, restoration of the labrum's suction seal, and no residual impingement.
Diverse is an indispensable institution that has moved concentrically to expand its coverage of ethnic groups in higher education without sacrificing the focus of its early charge.
If your scope is well collimated, the bright rings in the defocused star image will collapse down concentrically around the shrinking black center.