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1. to bring to a common center; to gather at one point.
2. to increase the strength by diminishing the bulk of, as of a liquid; to condense.
3. a drug or other preparation that has been strengthened by evaporation of its nonactive parts.
activated prothrombin complex concentrate (APCC) anti-inhibitor coagulant complex.
prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) factor IX complex.
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noun A substance in which the solvent has been reduced to a minimum.

verb To increase the amount of a substance in a solution by evaporation or removal of solvent.
verb To focus on a particular mental task.
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verb To ↑ a substance's strength by evaporation or removal of solvent Neurology verb To focus on a particular mental task
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Patient discussion about concentrate

Q. Where to concentrate on while losing weight and how? a strongest muscle and largest muscle reduction will help me in losing weight. Where to concentrate on while losing weight and how?

A. why not do a sport that activates more muscles then just one..? running or swimming? those actions work on groups of big muscles and on your heart and lungs system that is very important in order to get in shape.

Q. Does anyone have ideas for ways to overcome concentration problems without depending on medications? I'm reallllllly trying hard to study for my final exams and my ADD seems to bother me every time I touch the desk. Sometimes my thoughts fly out when I only think of how much I still have to study today!!! please- help if you can... I really don't want to start with meds...

A. Omega-3 fatty acids, phosphatidylserine, zinc and magnesium may have benefits with regard to ADD symptoms. i take omega-3 fatty acids every day for the past year and it helped me go threw a ruff year of studying.

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Chief Medical Director, UCH, Ibadan, Professor Temitope Alonge, commissioning the oxygen concentrators and its solar power panel battery inverting system, said it was an ingenious way of savaging children that could have died due to lack of oxygen, despite this gas been naturally available.
Among all those typical solar energy applications in medium-high temperature fields, the solar concentrator was commonly used in the abovementioned fields to collect the sunlight as heat source and provide heat source to the heat receiver because the solar radiation density received by the earth surface was low.
The resulting Inogen Aviator concentrators are simple to use and they include a pulser, which flows a bolus (think of it as a single gulp of oxygen) whenever you inhale.
Designed to accommodate active oxygen users, the LifeChoice ActiVox Portable Oxygen Concentrator makes it easier to travel without worrying about refilling or changing tanks.
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Researchers at Michigan State University have developed a solution: a luminescent solar concentrator placed over a window that produces solar power while remaining transparent.
Washington, Jan 14 ( ANI ): Drawing inspiration from sunflowers, researchers have developed a new design of solar concentrator plants, which could make these plants more feasible and reduce the amount of land needed for a facility.
There are many other flowers have their special structure, which is very enlightening for studying other forms of solar concentrators.