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A device for making a substance stronger or purer.
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Following the completed inspections, the concentrator will return to service using the other mills and cyclone packs, which is expected to happen on December 5.
Previous generations of luminescent solar concentrators are colored and can affect the aesthetic of a room.
Embossed HOEs seem to be the ideal candidate for a spectrum-separating concentrator.
The expansion of the Talnah concentrator will raise its capacity by eight Mt/y of ore.
But he and Boes agree that interim, in-hand technologies such as the photovoltaic concentrator module could encourage utility companies and others to look sunward in the near term, priming them to choose improved photovoltaic technology as it becomes available.
Once the IP-aware concentrator aggregates Internet traffic and video traffic into separate service classes, it can treat each traffic type differently, prioritizing, queuing, and forwarding each class' traffic separately for each user.
Today, MFR and MLPPP have been implemented in multimegabit access concentrators that enable NxT1 service for service providers and their business customers.
The scalability of access concentrator technology networks permits the deployment of high-speed Internet access to MTU structures more easily, more quickly, and more profitably than ever before possible.