concentration test

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1. increase in strength by evaporation.
2. the ratio of the mass or volume of a solute to the mass or volume of the solution or solvent.
3. intense mental focus.
hydrogen ion concentration see hydrogen ion concentration.
mass concentration the mass of a constituent substance divided by the volume of the mixture, as milligrams per liter (mg/l).
mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) the average hemoglobin concentration in erythrocytes, conventionally expressed in “per cent,” meaning grams per deciliter of red blood cells, obtained by dividing the blood hemoglobin concentration (in g/dl) by the hematocrit (in l/l): MCHC = Hb/Hct.
minimal alveolar concentration (MAC) the concentration of anesthetic that at a pressure of 1 atmosphere produces immobility in 50 per cent of subjects exposed to a noxious stimulus.
minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC) the lowest concentration of a given antibiotic required to kill a specific organism.
minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) the lowest concentration of a given antibiotic that inhibits the growth of a specific organism.
molar concentration the concentration of a substance expressed in terms of molarity.
concentration test a test of renal function based on the patient's ability to concentrate urine; see also fishberg concentration test.
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concentration test

A kidney function test based on the ability of the person to produce concentrated urine under conditions that would normally cause such production, as in intentional dehydration.
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(Employees who don't elect the coverage lose the $120 subsidy.) As long as the cost to the employee under the cafeteria plan is "substantial" in light of the actual cost, the entire actual amount is taken into account for purposes of the 25% concentration test. Informally, Harry Beker of the IRS National Office said that 35% to 40% would likely be considered substantial.
Second, the exclusion is available to more-than-15% owners only if the nondiscrimination and concentration tests do not fail.
In order to be nondiscriminatory, a dependent care assistance plan (DCAP) may not discriminate in favor of highly-compensated employees (or their dependents) as to eligibility to participate or as to contributions or benefits and must satisfy a concentration test.
For toluene, 1312/1412 multi-gas monitor and ppbRAE model are used in high and low concentration tests, respectively.
In Concentration Test 3, when the pressure stabilizer is deactivated, even when the cleanroom [DELTA]P is reduced to its original level (20 Pa) at the same locations (near door and near stabilizer) and the concentrations are lower than these when the pressure stabilizer is activated.
Air flow rate test during adsorption period (no-ventilation mode) and desorption period (ventilation mode), empty chamber sink test and background concentration test for full-scale chamber were also conducted.
Smith and Labuschagne also had their concentration tested, with litter blowing across their eyelines and the bails temporarily jettisoned entirely after they refused to stay in place.
But APOB assay standardization is lacking, and lipoprotein particle concentration tests give the same information.
At the highest concentration tested (250 [micro]g/ml), no inhibition was observed in contrast to the positive control, ursolic acid, which displayed an I[C.sub.50] value of 4.27 [micro]g/ml.
An upgrade to the ratings of the class D notes to 'BBB+sf' was considered, but the ratings were constrained by concentration tests as a result of a change in data provided to Fitch.

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