concentrated oral gel

concentrated oral gel



(trade name)


Therapeutic: oral protectants
Pregnancy Category: UK


Management of oral pain due to:
  • oral mucositis/stomatitis (from chemotherapy or radiation),
  • irritation due to oral surgery,
  • traumatic ulcers caused by braces or poorly fitted dentures,
  • diffuse aphthous ulcers,
  • mouth ulcers caused by other diseases.


Adheres to oral mucosal surface, providing a protective mechanical barrier over ulcerated areas.

Therapeutic effects

Decreased pain from oral ulcers.


Absorption: Action is local.
Distribution: Unknown.
Metabolism and Excretion: Unknown.
Half-life: Unknown.

Time/action profile (protectant effect)

POrapidunknownas long as application remains on oral surface


Contraindicated in: Hypersensitivity.
Use Cautiously in: None.

Adverse Reactions/Side Effects

None noted


Drug-Drug interaction



Oral (Adults) Use one packet 3 times daily, or as needed.


Concentrated oral gel: 15 mL packets in box of 21 packets

Nursing implications

Nursing assessment

  • Assess mouth ulcers prior to and periodically during therapy.
  • Assess severity of pain prior to and periodically during therapy.

Potential Nursing Diagnoses

Acute pain (Indications)


  • Pour entire contents of single-dose packet into glass and add 15 mL or 1 tbsp of water. If mixture is too thick, add additional 15–30 mL of water to achieve desired consistency. Stir well and use at once. Store at room temperature; do not refrigerate. Gel may become darker or thicker over time, but this does not affect efficacy or safety. Do not use packets that are split or torn or beyond expiration date.
  • If water is not available, may be used undiluted.
  • Oral: Administer 3 times daily or as needed.

Patient/Family Teaching

  • Instruct patient on preparing and using Gelclair. Rinse around mouth for at least 1 min or as long as possible to coat tongue, palate, throat, inside of cheeks, and all oral tissue thoroughly. Gargle and spit out. Advise patient that no adverse effects are expected if Gelclair is swallowed accidently. Instruct patient not to eat or drink for at least 1 hr after treatment.
  • Instruct patient to keep product out of direct sunlight and to store at room temperature.

Evaluation/Desired Outcomes

  • Decrease in pain from oral ulcers. If no improvement in 7 days, notify health care professional.
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