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v to hide; secrete; withhold from the knowledge of others.
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Over the course of the season, the researchers observed that the use of concealments became the chimpanzees preferred strategy.
Keith Morgan, specialist investigation detection manager at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, said: "This was a massive haul of contraband goods found in two local shops along with a sophisticated and purpose-made concealment within the premises.
Iran's concealments have been as vast as a secret underground facility at Natanz that was being readied for 50,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium when it was exposed in 2002.
History of Concealment and Deceit About Program Goes Back at Least 20 Years
Geared toward assisting industry professionals, the media and the public, STEALTH's Clearing the Air materials address misperceptions and clearly communicate the factors affecting concealment solution selection in three common concealment category groupings: - Roof Top Concealments, Concealment Poles and Concealment Structures.
The complaint claims that the defendants, through a pattern of deception and fraudulent concealments, used MicroCap to siphon off millions of dollars in underwriting, placement, consulting and other fees and warrants in portfolio companies for the benefit of the defendants instead of acting in the best interests of MicroCap and its shareholders.