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v to hide; secrete; withhold from the knowledge of others.
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Conceal Carry Travel USA is a website that allows everyone to plan trips, shop local, be social, and support like-minded Americans.
The inventor of the Cargo Pocket Conceal Holster has also developed a working prototype that has been utilized with success.
Mr Nasyrov explained that the first way to conceal theft of electricity is transmission of stolen kWh to the technical losses and own technological needs.
Mothers who conceal a pregnancy can have problems when they eventually access healthcare.
A person who attempts to conceal a weapon may wear or carry additional clothing other than that required or appropriate.
He contacted Rashid Boursely, whose Conceal was the first reserve, and secured the spare mount.
Participants watched a videotape in which people first tried to conceal strong negative emotions and then honestly revealed positive emotions.
A walled entrance court deliberately conceals the spectacular views, which are only revealed to the casual visitor after reaching the L-shaped first-floor living area wrapped on two sides with glazing.
We suspect that an inhibited personality style caused some of the men both to conceal their homosexuality and to suffer decreased immune function after HIV infection.
Around this, the perimeter is lined with sound insulating dry-wall, douglas fir screens conceal circulation, storage and ancillary spaces, and two bedrooms are located within steel huts that replicate the former shoe factory's silhouette above.
On several occasions,' says Lewis, "attorneys requested that we conceal or minimize parental physical and sexual abuse to spare the family any embarrassment.
The vests' backs and sides are cut longer to conceal firearms carried at the waist.