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As it was said previously, this happends generally when concavities are not clearly revealed by the skeleton (inexistant or too short openlines).
Detection of change in shape: An advantage for concavities.
Distinct concavities were seen in the inferior borders of [C.
The thin alloplast carrier helps to provide a smooth-appearing dorsum postoperatively by evening out the concavities and convexities that commonly occur in the natural surface shape of auricular cartilage.
This problem can happen every time there are concavities or sharp corners in the gray-level image.
Internally, their concavities provide small lock-up trading stations.
The monotonicity results are obtained by taking derivatives of equations (10) and (12) with respect to e and the concavities are given by the second-order derivatives of R with respect to e.
Of the 56 asteroids he has studied by radar during the past decade, 23 are Earth-crossers--including three or four whose radar signatures, though not as detailed as those of 1989 PB, at least suggest concavities that could signify large craters or other low spots, he says.
For example: under contact areas, within furcations or root concavities, etc.
The absorbent member has a number of compressed parts that are discrete from one another and form concavities that are scattered on the backsheet facing side of the absorbent member.
Many individuals are surprised at how dramatically appearance can be improved by straightening a crooked smile, whitening stained and aged teeth or filling concavities in the lips by changing contours of the teeth.