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Denoting the arrangement of a number of structures, for example, enlarged lymph glands, in a row like the links of a chain.
[L. concateno, pp. -atus, to link together, fr. catena, a chain]
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[19] concatenate the aspect embedding and each word embedding into a new input word-level embedding for aspect-level sentiment classification task.
When the Concatenation method parameter is Vertical, then the block concatenates the input matrices along columns.
It is must reading for any quantitatively-oriented insurance economics or actuarial professor; and, in fact, the Society of Actuaries had already designed a seminar course for credit for the Associateship level exam structure which goes through this book and concatenates these results on modeling claim number frequencies with the claim severity models presented in Hogg and Klugman's Loss Distributions (published by John Wiley).
Each recursive instance of recursively_expand( ) concatenates another substring onto generated_prefix until the end of the input specification is encountered, at which point recursively_expand( ) invokes string_is_an_expansion( ) to concatenate generated_prefix onto character_pool; recursively_expand( ) should include a one-line test for buffer overflow.