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Denoting the arrangement of a number of structures, for example, enlarged lymph glands, in a row like the links of a chain.
[L. concateno, pp. -atus, to link together, fr. catena, a chain]
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Within the genus Panopea, no saturation signal was observed for individual or concatenated sequences.
However, reverse is not true because, if searching of all query read segments is successful, it only means that all the query read segments appear in the concatenated chromosomal sequence and not necessarily mean that the whole read appeared in the concatenated chromosomal sequence.
25 Note: input LDA vectors are concatenated across successive frames, where each frame contains 12 MFCCs and normalized energy.
In the following, a theorem related to the concatenated torus automorphisms is proposed.
Analysis of the phylogeny of individual proteins (Figure 2) does not always match the clustering observed by comparison of concatenated conserved ORFs (Figure 1).
How many perfect square numbers are there in the concatenated square sequence {1, 14, 149, 14925, .
Chapter 11 Iterative Detection of Three-Stage Concatenated IrVLC FFH-MFSK
The incoming bit stream from the de-interleaver is decoded to extract the original transmitted data using (Berlekamp-Massey decoding algorithms for RS, Viterbi algorithms for CC, both algorithms for concatenated RS-CC).
Accordingly, MI, AS, and MA might be concatenated to form MIASMA.
This switch is ideal for inserting or removing devices that are concatenated, linked together in a chain or series.
An example of block concatenation in a concatenated FEC code is given in Appendix A.
We constructed a 1,992-bp concatenated sequence that contained 1,273 bp of the 16S rRNA, 351 bp of flaB, and 368 bp of glpQ.