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Denoting the arrangement of a number of structures, for example, enlarged lymph glands, in a row like the links of a chain.
[L. concateno, pp. -atus, to link together, fr. catena, a chain]
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The results from analyzing concatenated and individual genes provide evidence of two principal lineages and reveal surprising phylogenetic relationships within the Panopea genus.
Note that with this concatenation we will lose information about "in which chromosome (or in which position of that chromosome) the subsequence of the concatenated sequence originally belongs to?
Unlike model-based or concatenated voice engines, FlexVoice 2's unique hybrid technology produces high quality, human sounding speech that is also customizable and conserves on system resources.
When a minimum evolution analysis was performed on the concatenated sequences of the 2 strains and compared with Australian and Thai strains on the MLST website (http://bpseudomallei.
We constructed a 1,992-bp concatenated sequence that contained 1,273 bp of the 16S rRNA, 351 bp of flaB, and 368 bp of glpQ.
By contrast, Omer Fast's CNN Concatenated, 2002, functions additively.
The paper also examines how the chroma component will suffer loss of resolution during each concatenated operation within conventional encoder and decoder design.
The works include the supply and installation of prefabricated buildings consisting of concatenated prefabricated temporary housing units for the nearby school in Zijpstrt 49 Hofstade.
This switch is ideal for inserting or removing devices that are concatenated, linked together in a chain or series.
The Implementation of Digital video watermarking scheme based on the Interpolated Digital Watermarking System splits the source video into eight parts and embeds the colored watermark information into any part of the splitted video using Splitting System and the splitted watermarked video is concatenated with other parts of the video into a watermarked video using Video merging system.
Today's HDD SOC data recovery architectures are mostly based on concatenated coding schemes which use Reed Solomon error correction codes, invented almost 50 years ago.
The latter name is used in the last half of the novel, but Nufer often concatenated it with George's traveling companion, Margarite Youngblood: Matt/Margie, Margarite's, Maggie, Matty, M&M, Marge, Matteo/Margarita, Marga, Mate, Marg's, Margarita's/Matteo's, Marg'rita, Mara's, Mar/Mat, Marga's, Math's, Margari, George-Matteo, Hanna-Margarita, Marge's.