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Denoting the arrangement of a number of structures, for example, enlarged lymph glands, in a row like the links of a chain.
[L. concateno, pp. -atus, to link together, fr. catena, a chain]
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Now the concatenated watermark [W.sub.c] exists in RONI while the ROI is residued.
Concatenated cubic Bezier has longer travel time compared to symmetric quintic Bezier and the simplified [[eta].sup.3]-spline with similar path length, while the concatenated cubic Bezier curve has on average larger maximum curvature, and symmetric quintic Bezier curve seems to have the smallest curvature, as compared to all other possible curves with similar path length.
(4) [H.sub.i] = Histogram ([LL.sub.i]) (5) Obtain concatenated histogram of size 256 x 5, H by concatenating five histograms ([H.sub.1], [H.sub.2], [H.sub.3], [H.sub.4] and [H.sub.5]) obtained in Step (4).
Caption: FIGURE 2: Bayesian phylogeny based on a concatenated genes (COI, 28S, and H3) showing phylogenetic position of Ctenoides scaber and C.
During training, each decision tree t in the concatenated random forest CRF; is trained on the specific i-th training sample, which consists of the original volumetric image and the corresponding class label.
With the above considerations, blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) signals collected from 24 healthy subjects were used to make comparisons between concatenated task blocks and continuous task data from several perspectives, including ROI-based FC, seed-based FC, and brain network topology.
The performance of the work of (Guha and Ward, 2012) was illustrated below for sparsity ((k i, i = 1,2,3) against shared, RSR and concatenated techniques:
It would be wrong, though, simply to trace a linear path through Fast's career, starting with CNN Concatenated. For this is an artist determined to break with narrative conventions and traditional chronology.
However, differing from the existing SPP, which is time-consuming in sparse reconstruction for each test sample, SPDP first creates a concatenated dictionary using classwise PCA decompositions and learns the sparse representation structure of each sample under the constructed dictionary quickly with the least square method.
The 3Bloc for PET comprises three concatenated machines: blow-moulder, filler and labeller.