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Denoting the arrangement of a number of structures, for example, enlarged lymph glands, in a row like the links of a chain.
[L. concateno, pp. -atus, to link together, fr. catena, a chain]
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199) that such usage in Hayek conforms to Klein's idea of concatenate coordination, and Kirzner himself provides several excellent Hayek quotations in which coordination means concatenate coordination.
10) The passages that Kirzner invokes are but further instances of Hayek speaking of concatenate coordination.
Once again, we see Hayek's main concern as concatenate coordination, and we would interpret "enable them to dovetail their plans with those of others" as describing the allegorical need to guide individual efforts in ways that improve the concatenation.
The only proper location of Hayek in Figure 2 is under rubric I, concatenate coordination.
Our own understanding leaves open the distinct possibility that weakened versions of the claims may be vitally important, as elaborations on concatenate coordination, but we think that the categorical versions should be jettisoned.
We say that in both aspects, the coordination of which Kirzner speaks is naturally interpreted as concatenate coordination.
While we accept discovery as highly consonant with concatenate coordination, we do not have the same view of fulfillment and compatibility.
Rather than claim (as Klein does) that Hayek focused on concatenate coordination (in which individual actions must fit together in such a way to yield a pleasing outcome to a superindividual observer), whereas Schelling focused on mutual coordination (in which an individual must adjust his action in light of what others are expected to do), instead I would say the critical distinction between the two camps is this: Hayek focused on the tremendous difficulties in achieving equilibrium at all, whereas Schelling (and many modern neoclassicals) assume away this real-world problem and instead focus on choosing from among possible equilibria in stylized games that are much simpler than the actual economy.
Unfortunately, after spending so much time outlining his suggested taxonomy (originally between coordination and metacoordination but now between mutual coordination and concatenate coordination), Klein fails to distinguish the essential differences between the Hayekian and Schelling uses of the term.
The use of the term concatenate coordination in the K-B critique of Kirzner is intended to widen and loosen what K-B see as a rather rigid concept of dovetail coordination.
Looked at as the result of entirely local entrepreneurial decision-making, therefore, the overall catallaxy is the union of many attempts to achieve concatenate coordination within (to use Hayek's phrase) "limited but overlapping fields of vision.