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Denoting the arrangement of a number of structures, for example, enlarged lymph glands, in a row like the links of a chain.
[L. concateno, pp. -atus, to link together, fr. catena, a chain]
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Because we believe that concatenate coordination conforms to the coordination discussed by Herbert Spencer, Simon Newcomb, Mises, Hayek, Coase, and hundreds of others, we think it is significant that a great many of Kirzner's utterances about coordination might be read that way.
I was unsure when I would ever have a use for 3-D references, but you can specify that you want to concatenate all of the cells in all of the sheets.
The alternative usage for the term "coordination" is that for which I propose the appellation "dovetail coordination." (9) This terminology is designed to emphasize that, in referring to coordination in my work, I have had in mind a criterion entirely different from K-B's "concatenate coordination." "Dovetail coordination" refers to the extent to which independently acting participants in a society are inspired to take those actions that correctly anticipate the actions of others in that society.
It is that metaphor that K-B want to invoke for the Hayekian understanding of concatenate coordination.
Concatenate the remainder and [t.sub.1], getting 2875678765, and divide this by 947, getting quotient 3036619 remainder 572.
MCS uses a matrix concatenate block for concatenation.
The other drawback to using INDIRECT is that you can't use it to concatenate together a drive, path, file name, sheet name, and cell reference to pull data from external workbooks.
The answer is that I think they are correct in asserting that considerations of "dovetail coordination" can provide very little genuine guidance toward resolving most actual disputes about which of various proposed roads public policy ought to travel, and also on target in indicating "concatenate coordination" as a more reliable guide.
Each recursive instance of recursively_expand( ) concatenates another substring onto generated_prefix until the end of the input specification is encountered, at which point recursively_expand( ) invokes string_is_an_expansion( ) to concatenate generated_prefix onto character_pool; recursively_expand( ) should include a one-line test for buffer overflow.
The first sense of coordination (such as coordinating the colors in a room) shall be termed "concatenate coordination," whereas the second sense (such as coordinating with a friend to go to a movie) shall be termed "mutual coordination." Here Klein and Orsborn explain the updated terminology:
Some host volume management tools technically incorporate basic forms of virtualization -- partitioning bigger disks under their control into smaller volumes and concatenate smaller disks into large volumes.
When complete, if possible (subject to availability of processors), sort the two sublists in parallel, and finally, when this is complete, concatenate the two lists." (If no additional processors are available, the two sort processes could possibly be interleaved in some way, coroutined, sharing a single processor.) Parallel conjunction is assumed to bind more tightly than sequential conjunction, thus reducing the necessity for parentheses.