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A linear repeat of restriction fragments.
[concatenate + -mer]
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Each RCA product is a concatamer of typically hundreds of complements of the DNA circle that templated its synthesis, collapsed into a submicrometer ball of single-stranded DNA.
The double-stranded end then again "flipping" to a hairpin, the polymerase could then continue down what is now a double-length concatamer of the starting single strand molecule (Figure IE).
Preliminary analysis of N and Gn amplicons and references (Table 2) (concatenated in a 573-member dataset that included 58 taxa for which N and Gn are available) or individual genes by using the RDP3 program (12) indicated no intergene recombination or reassortment that would be detected by recombination at the border between N and Gn genes in the 573-bp concatamer. This finding confirmed our previous results (13).
Immunoaffinity enrichment of target peptides and MRM-MS are used to measure each of the 10 analytes by a ratio in which the amount (peak area) of the analyte peptide (unlabeled) is divided by the peak area of its respective internal-standard peptide (labeled) derived from trypsin cleavage of a concatamer (7).
Thus, in the presence of circular DNA, Phi29 DNA polymerase, and nucleotides, the rolling circle reaction produces a concatamer of the complement of the circular DNA sequence that extends from the end of the original primer remaining attached to the antibody.