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(kō-nah'tŭs, -nā'tŭs), The plural of this word is conatus, not conati.
A striving toward self-preservation and self-affirmation.
[L. attempt]
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As a result, his entire conatus is necessarily channeled in the wrong direction, toward securing things which though perceived as goods, actually harm him or bring him into conflict with others.
NEW YORK, March 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Pomerantz LLP is investigating claims on behalf of investors of Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
The metaphysics of conatus grounds ideas of natural law and natural rights.
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Spinoza, referencing conatus, would frame reflection as an effect of enlargement and complexity of affectivity; in other words (Wordsworth's and Shelley's words), the greater the body's susceptibility to "the goings-on of the universe," the greater its capacity to remember former impressions and to use them "to imagine things that increase the body's power of acting" (that is the more "habitually impelled [that body is] to create volitions and passions .
A key point, and an original one, in her argument occurs when she shows the continuity between Plato's dynamis and Spinoza's conatus.
The committee also heard from Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
This turns out to be a fruitful approach, as Matheron links the passages on sexuality with Spinoza's writings on love, desire and conatus, and shows how these passages illuminate Spinoza's sexual politics and sexual ethics.
Judith Butler reads Spinoza's conatus, the drive to persevere or endeavour in one's desire, in connection with Freud and Levinas' conceptions of self preservation.
Subsequently, Genfit (GFT505), Gilead Sciences (GS-6624), Conatus Pharmaceuticals (Emricasan),Galmed Pharmaceuticals (Aramchol) and Raptor Pharmaceuticals (RP103) are expected to complete the clinical trials of their respective molecules in the coming years, sustaining the growth momentum.
The doctrine of the conatus or striving that defines a finite essence is something to be understood not as independent of the causal order but as part of it.