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(kō-nah'tŭs, -nā'tŭs), The plural of this word is conatus, not conati.
A striving toward self-preservation and self-affirmation.
[L. attempt]
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During the second quarter, Conatus announced that top-line results from the company's ENCORE-LF clinical trial of emricasan did not meet its primary endpoint, results from the 24-week extension in the company's ENCORE-PH clinical trial of emricasan did not meet predefined objectives, and the company is discontinuing further treatment of patients enrolled in the ENCORE-LF trial.
Conatus believes that by reducing the activity of these enzymes, caspase inhibitors have the potential to interrupt the progression of a variety of diseases.
Isto e, quando a cidade nao e para cada um dos suditos-cidadaos, nao existe para possibilitar o exercicio da potencia de cada um, mas para levar o conatus de cada um ao entorno de um grau zero, e o caso de viola-las.
El hombre que vence su pereza asume esto como si se tratara de una reapropiacion de su conatus, de su esfuerzo por existir y, con ello, como si se hubiera resuelto a acoger las solicitudes de las cosas, de los otros, del mundo que se le abre a su poder, a sus capacidades, a su obrar.
Zizek, for example, drawing upon Freud's theorization of the death-drive, revisits Spinoza's notion of conatus--to examine the ways in which the conatus could be "based on a fundamental act of self-sabotaging," rather than on self-preservation (Zizek, 2003: 34).
Levinas thus offers an archaeology of a common ethical substructure, applicable as much to virtue ethics as to principalist normative approaches, in which we are at root individual animals driven to persevere in our being by what Spinoza would have called the conatus essendi, creatures who then find this disrupted by some further specifically human element--reason, virtue, divine revelation, etc.
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