computerized tomography

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computerized tomography

Computed tomography.

computed tomography

A diagnostic imaging technique in which multiple X-rays are taken from different angles in a single plane and a series of two-dimensional images (”slices”) of the different tissue densities—e.g., fat, muscle, bone, etc.—is constructed by computer. In contrast to conventional radiology, CT results in a 1000-fold increase in image resolution, and can pinpoint lesions < 2 mm in greatest dimension; dyes may be injected IV to increased resolution of abnormal tissue and blood vessels, or radiocontrast can be used for dynamic testing.
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Contract awarded for Dental Computerized Tomography (Cone Bean)
Imaging services will include magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography, a catheterization lab, echocardiogram testing, and nuclear medicine modalities.
The state-of-the-art Computerized Tomography scanner can capture an image in 60 seconds, a procedure that in the past may have taken 12 minutes, hospital officials said.
Delivery and installation of computerized tomography for the Department of Radiology District Hospital MladEi Boleslav, as the hospital of the Central Region.
Computerized tomography images of the inner ear show semicircular canals, crucial for maintaining balance, like those of chimps.
On admission, the lumbar puncture, computerized tomography scan, and electroencephalogram were normal.
Nasdaq: EMITF), has signed a definitive agreement to sell its Computerized Tomography (CT) Division to Picker International, Inc.
Catanzaro won with his entry titled, "Non-Invasive Visualization of Coronary Venous Anatomy with 64 Multi-detector Computerized Tomography to Guide Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Lead Implantation.
The base hospital lacks a computerized tomography scanner, must be used on stroke patients before they are given new anti-clotting agents, Bisson said.
0020/2015 - purchase and installation of equipment computerized tomography multislice.
After the participants received a gamma-ray-emitting compound that binds to dopamine-producing brain tissue, a computerized tomography scanner assessed dopamine production.
The diagnosis of osteoma was confirmed by computerized tomography.

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