computer-managed instruction

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computer-managed instruction (CMI)

a system in which a computer is used to manage several aspects of instruction, including learning assessment through administration of pretests and posttests; design and preparation of learning prescriptions; and calculation, analysis, and storage of student scores.
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In addition to Authorware 4, the Authorware 4 Interactive Studio includes Director(R) 6, the latest version of Macromedia's popular multimedia authoring and animation product announced on March 12, 1997; new versions of Macromedia's imaging and web production products, Macromedia xRes(TM) 3 and Backstage Internet Studio 2: Enterprise Edition (for Windows); Solis Design's Pathway computer-managed instruction system; as well as SoundEdit(TM) 16 v.
PHOENIX is the only training software that automatically integrates authoring, Computer-Managed Instruction (CMI), administration and course delivery to address an organization's complete training needs.
Ziff-Davis Education will guide customers who want to build Web-based training programs or incorporate computer-managed instruction features to Pathlore.
It includes authoring, delivery, computer-managed instruction (CMI) and performance management features in a single tool.

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