computer-assisted instruction

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computer-assisted instruction CAI; instructional activities that use a computer as the primary vehicle for teaching content or processes rather than one-to-one interaction with a student.

computer-assisted instruction (CAI)

a teaching process that uses a computer in the presentation of instructional materials, often in a way that requires the student to interact with it. Also called computer-assisted learning.

computer-assisted instruction

Abbreviation: CAI
Computer-based instructional programs for individual learners. The term most often refers to drill and practice, tutorial, or simulation exercises used as stand-alone instruction or as supplementary materials. A more recent term is e-learning.
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Through the above investigations and analyses, a major result is found that computer-assisted instruction system as a supplement to English teaching can improve students' academic achievement in the long term.
Effects of computer-assisted instruction on performance of senior high school biology students in Ghana.
In the first session, the control group received a unit of computer-assisted instruction about fire-fighting.
Control of feedback in computer-assisted instruction.
Data from the computer-assisted instruction were collected during the first treatment session, after one month of intervention, and after two months of intervention.
The management functions allow the teacher the opportunity to customize the computer-assisted instruction for each child.
A comparison of computer-assisted instruction and classroom bibliographic instruction.
To help students retain the material and apply it daily in leadership situations, the LAPD instructors use a textbook, course guide, supplemental readings, computer-assisted instruction, a feature movie (Glory), numerous film clips, leadership inventory assessments, realistic case studies, and essay examinations.
This method consisted of the use of computer-assisted instruction to teach them about blood counts.
They remember well the days of programmed learning, teaching machines, computer-assisted instruction, educational television, and the like.
Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) for CE and training supplementation within the laboratory is one effective solution.

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