computer-assisted coding

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com·pu·ter-as·sis·ted cod·ing

(CAC) (kŏm-pyūtĕr ă-sistĕd kōding)
A software program that ``reads'' electronic dictated and transcribed reports and assigns CPT/HCPCS and ICD-9-CM codes.
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We see tremendous benefits in bringing computer-assisted coding to our professional fee coders, as well as enhancing their ability to participate in our CDI efforts.
18 June 2013 - 3M Health Information Systems, part of US diversified technology specialist 3M Company (NYSE:MMM), said Monday it had launched a computer-assisted coding (CAC) solution developed specifically for small rural and community-based hospitals.
Cleveland Clinic will implement the 3M Codefinder Computer-Assisted Edition Software, a computer-assisted coding solution, to help reduce nearly USD2m in costs resulting from coding outsourcing, staff overtime and anticipated productivity losses with the transition to the ICD-10 coding standard.
The global computer-assisted coding market is broadly segmented by type, mode of delivery, application, and end user.
Recently, Union initiated computer-assisted coding, computer-assisted physician documentation and clinical documentation improvement programs using technologies from Dolbey and ChartWise to help physicians build experience dictating for coding purposes in anticipation of the new ICD-10 deadline.
By combining Nuancea[euro](tm)s clinical language understanding (CLU) technology with Quantima[euro](tm)s computer-assisted coding (CAC) solution, the company will help improve the workflow efficiency and accelerate related reimbursement.
With its proprietary Natural Language Comprehension, Computer-Assisted Coding and robust content knowledge, precyseCode has been engineered to deliver greater coding speed and productivity, and lead the healthcare industry through the migration to ICD-10 and the costly, time-consuming process of improving clinical documentation.
We're in the midst of vendor selection right now related to computer-assisted coding solutions, for example.
A-Life Medical Inc, a provider of computer-assisted coding (CAC) products and services to the healthcare industry, reported today the promotion of Spencer K.
The report which surveyed more than 1,500 hospital CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, VPs of Finance, Controllers and Directors from 525 hospital and physician practices determined top-performing vendors for comprehensive coding, speech recognition, computer-assisted coding (CAC), health information management and CDI services.
If an organization doesn't have a CDI program in place, installing a computer-assisted coding (CAC) program isn't going to yield optimal results.
By combining Nuance's clinical language understanding (CLU) technology with Quantim's computer-assisted coding (CAC) solution, the company will help improve the workflow efficiency and accelerate related reimbursement.

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