computer-assisted coding

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com·pu·ter-as·sis·ted cod·ing

(CAC) (kŏm-pyūtĕr ă-sistĕd kōding)
A software program that ``reads'' electronic dictated and transcribed reports and assigns CPT/HCPCS and ICD-9-CM codes.
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We see tremendous benefits in bringing computer-assisted coding to our professional fee coders, as well as enhancing their ability to participate in our CDI efforts.
The global computer-assisted coding market is broadly segmented by type, mode of delivery, application, and end user.
Clintegrity 360 is an end-to-end computer-assisted solution that both helps physicians improve documentation in real time at the point of care within the EHR while providing downstream coding, quality, and case management teams with a set of computer-assisted coding and reporting tools.
18 June 2013 - 3M Health Information Systems, part of US diversified technology specialist 3M Company (NYSE:MMM), said Monday it had launched a computer-assisted coding (CAC) solution developed specifically for small rural and community-based hospitals.
Computer-assisted coding (CAC) technology that helps drive improved coding efficiencies, reduced denials, and appropriate reimbursement;
3M announced on Wednesday that Cleveland Clinic health system, a non-profit multi-specialty academic medical centre, is to implement computer-assisted coding technology from 3M Health Information Systems.
Recently, Union initiated computer-assisted coding, computer-assisted physician documentation and clinical documentation improvement programs using technologies from Dolbey and ChartWise to help physicians build experience dictating for coding purposes in anticipation of the new ICD-10 deadline.
The system's integrated computer-assisted coding and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) technology will assist Banner Health - one of the nation's largest nonprofit healthcare systems - in addressing the challenges of healthcare reform and ICD-10 adoption in 2014.
By combining Nuancea[euro](tm)s clinical language understanding (CLU) technology with Quantima[euro](tm)s computer-assisted coding (CAC) solution, the company will help improve the workflow efficiency and accelerate related reimbursement.
With its proprietary Natural Language Comprehension, Computer-Assisted Coding and robust content knowledge, precyseCode has been engineered to deliver greater coding speed and productivity, and lead the healthcare industry through the migration to ICD-10 and the costly, time-consuming process of improving clinical documentation.
We're in the midst of vendor selection right now related to computer-assisted coding solutions, for example.
A-Life Medical Inc, a provider of computer-assisted coding (CAC) products and services to the healthcare industry, reported today the promotion of Spencer K.

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