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com·put·er mod·el

a mathematical representation of the functioning of a system, presented in the form of a computer program.
Synonym(s): computer simulation
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Many educational institutions are turning to computer simulations and digital games to address the academic engagement of Generations Y and Z.
Objective of experiment is computer simulation accuracy characterization.
To date, the temperature trend in the low troposphere, independently confirmed by satellite and balloon measurements, shows a statistically significant warming of 0.1 degree Celsius per decade, substantially smaller than the warming predicted in computer simulations of the enhanced greenhouse effect.
The sculpture can be viewed using a computer simulation device created by the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.
I have the feeling that computer simulation has become a way of life today in large companies.
Computer simulation of thermodynamic fluid properties began with the Metropolis algorithm (26, 27), which forms the basis of Monte Carlo simulations by applied statistical mechanics.
Computer simulation is the most common and powerful instrument used in the design and analysis of radio systems for communications, antennas and radar.
It can be quite costly to crash a vehicle into every variation of every feature, and so, computer simulation of vehicular impacts is rapidly developing as a reliable alternative to full-scale crash testing.
* Through the use of reduced models, to emphasize and review the basic physical, mathematical and numerical principles behind the computer simulation packages.
Computer simulation helps Molson optimize bottling line throughput.
In the coming years, computer simulation, spurred by technology changes already underway, can and should play an even greater role in providing solutions to our most challenging problems.

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