computer model

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com·put·er mod·el

a mathematical representation of the functioning of a system, presented in the form of a computer program.
Synonym(s): computer simulation
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Computational biology PhD student Steven Woodhouse then used the resulting dataset to construct the computer model of blood cell development, using computational approaches originally developed at Microsoft Research for synthesis of computer code.
Using their computer models, researchers tested a range of alternative muscle values, as it is not precisely known what the muscles of dinosaurs were like.
Computer models and simulations are important tools in modern scientific inquiry and are cornerstones of many interdisciplinary, collaborative projects.
That's hardly a trivial matter, since it would mean that computer models that simulate the flow of ocean currents beneath ice shelves may need to be adjusted to incorporate additional fluid friction caused by large areas of rough ice.
To date, the researchers have completed a 3D computer model of the primary shoulder bones.
Armed with the flow analysis and computer model, the part was updated to the new dimensions.
Eventually, the researchers hope to expand their computer model to include other brain regions that interact with the basal ganglia.
Previously, scientists using a computer model had mimicked the way a bird produces sound using its lungs and voice box.
In ohmic heating, for example, temperature, voltage and species distributions inside the tube are nearly impossible to determine experimentally, but they can be obtained routinely using a computer model.
A three-dimensional computer model helps by keeping the geometry always under control, while allowing it to be examined in different ways and from different angles.
A computer model can't feel pain or have a heart attack.
Variable aquifer permeability, confining layers, rivers, and aquifer boundaries can all be integrated into a computer model.

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