computer model

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com·put·er mod·el

a mathematical representation of the functioning of a system, presented in the form of a computer program.
Synonym(s): computer simulation
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Since their introduction in the film "Jurassic Park," three-dimensional computer models increasingly are being used in the motion picture industry.
If you can make a robot or computer model kick a soccer ball like a soccer player, we will have a better understanding of how various parts of the body work during movement.
That's hardly a trivial matter, since it would mean that computer models that simulate the flow of ocean currents beneath ice shelves may need to be adjusted to incorporate additional fluid friction caused by large areas of rough ice.
Washington, Dec 3 (ANI): Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed new computer models to predict physiologically realistic drug delivery patterns from stents in branched arterial vessels.
The use of the 3-D computer model instead of going the conventional 2-D route can reduce engineering concept-to-production time by as much as 5-8 weeks.
Computer models are used for diverse purposes including predicting the effect of point and nonpoint area sources on geographic air zones and the impact of facility emissions on ambient air quality prior to issuing operating permits.
Too large for earthbound scientists to recognize directly, researchers wielding ever more powerful computer models, informed by data collected from ships, are beginning to account for the effects of eddies on Earth's oceans and climate.
According to Twarog, "By the end of Phase II, three useful cupola computer models will be available to the industry.
The computer model showed that this factor could enable ants to initiate a return lane by pushing into and deflecting the arriving ants.
Computer models that he and his colleagues described in the Oct.
In the hands of the powerful, a computer model can be used as a form of hypnosis, bombarding the gullible with notions that condition their minds into believing almost anything; similar to the way the likes of Hitler could condition the minds of thousands with a handful of speeches; the Holocaust was mainly carried out by normal people transformed into monsters through a form of hypnosis!
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers develop a computer model to explain how nerve cell connections form in the visual cortex.

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