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A programmable electronic device that can be used to store and manipulate data to carry out designated functions; the two fundamental components are hardware, that is, the actual electronic device, and software, that is, the instructions or program used to carry out the function.
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A programmable electronic device that can be used to store and manipulate data to carry out designated functions.
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Patient discussion about computer

Q. Where can i get the little computer for kids who have autism? I don't know what its called but its like a little computer or something that reads allowed what the person is writing. Can someone please tell me where to get it. I would love it if my brother had one because he has autism. Thank you!

A. What you want is text-to-speech SOFTWARE that can be loaded on any computer. You paste any text into the onscreen box and it will read it with a synthesized voice. So you have have to be able to highlight, copy, and paste the text.
The link below is a free one. You can find lots more on google if you type in "text to speech".

Q. what kind of uses the medicine do with computers related to ultra sound? how does the computer helps the doctors in the ultra sound? what do the compuers use for?

A. the computers help the doctors (in ultrasound cases) to interpret/convert the ultrasound waves into a specific imaging showed in the monitor. by that a doctor can find what is normal or not inside the patient's body.
for pregnancy purposes, it really helps patient in antenatal screening to find some abnormalities (if there's any) and to monitor the fetus' development along the 9-months pregnancy.

yesterday I wrote a short article about ultrasound update :

Q. I work on a computer a lot. Sometimes after all the sitting my back hurts. what can I do to pass the pain? I work on a computer a lot. Sometimes after all the sitting my back hurts. what can I do to pass the pain? I have a know problem in my spine anatomy that is called scoliosis and I am very afraid that all this sitting is hurting my back in a way that I will not be able to fix in the future.

A. Your scoliosis can make your spine very vulnerable to trauma.
Don't neglect this pain. you must go to your physician and tell him about the pain so he will be able to find you some exercises that will be good for you and won't endanger your back.

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