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The electronic component of a computer.
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Informatics The electronic and mechanical, non-software components of a computer–eg, central processing unit, monitor, disk drives, keyboard, 'peripherals'–eg, printer, modem, scanners Orthopedics Any device–eg, nut, bolt, pin, plate, screw, and wire placed in bone to stabilize a fracture or to anchor a prosthetic joint. See Bone glue.
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Patient discussion about hardware

Q. Has anyone had a spine fusion that failed? Or hardware that failed?

A. Haven't experienced it myself, but here (http://www.spine-health.com/forum/treatments/back-surgery-and-neck-surgery) you may find a discussion about it.

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In the following case, used with the chapter on computer hardware, an ophthalmologist must plan for major hardware upgrades because his software supplier will soon discontinue support of the Windows '95 version:
Usually, the first step in a Website design is the acquisition of appropriate computer hardware or Web server.
However, if embedded chip problems arise, whether in biomedical devices, computer hardware and software or business systems, does the organization have a contingency plan to address these problems?
The Internet is a great resource for coaches and offers a vast amount of information on computer hardware and sports-specific software.
CRISIL believes that the company will continue to benefit from its established position in the system integration and computer hardware market and its strong clientele.
The figures show that India's electronic hardware exports, comprising consumer electronics, electronic components, computer hardware, telecomms equipment and office and medical equipment, were worth USD605m during 1999-2000 against USD494m the previous year.
Amazingly enough, the United States has no official standard of "compliance" that applies to computer hardware and the matter is further complicated by the fact that the date is maintained in three separate ways in the typical PC.
Note: If the software was acquired in conjunction with computer hardware, but not in connection with the acquisition of a trade or business or substantial portion, it must be considered whether the software costs were "bundled." This issue arises when a company buys a computer with software from a commercial vendor.
Notes allows a company's employees to edit documents using a shared "work space," integrate graphics and send electronic mail--no matter which computer hardware platform or operating system is in use.
For CPAs, the removal of the RAM limitation is important: Under Win95 they can use the full power of the new computer hardware. While the hardware power has been there for some time, the limitation was imposed by the operating system.
Focus-2000 is designed to be independent of both the computer hardware platform and the operating system, such as UNIX, MS-DOS, Xenix, Novell NetWare 386, and many others.

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