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Robert Berwick, professor of computational linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and expert in computer science and machine learning, will join Grammarly's Scientific Advisory Board.
Discussion of computation focuses on methodological similarities between the fields of computability theory and computational linguistics and how this extends our understanding of their structure.
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Researchers working in cognitive psychology, computational linguistics, educational measurement, and writing mostly in the US discuss issues in writing research and automated essay evaluation; several evaluation engines, including the E-rater, the Intelligent Essay Assessor, the IntelliMetric scoring engine in Chinese essay scoring, LightSIDE, the c-rater, and engines for English as a second language writing; psychometric challenges and issues, such as validity and reliability, scaling and norming, human ratings, grammatical error detection, and automated sentiment analysis; and advances in the field that may be achieved through research in natural language processing.
TheySay Limited, which is developing software to understand the tone and sentiment of written materials, assuming the full amount is invested and certain milestones are met, the Group will have a 40% undiluted beneficial interest in TheySay, a Computational Linguistics research company of Oxford University.

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