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Influenced by compulsion; of a compelling and irresistible nature.


Psychology Caused or conditioned by compulsion or obsession.
A person with behavior patterns governed by a compulsion.

com·pul′sive·ly adv.
com·pul′sive·ness, com′pul·siv′i·ty (kŏm′pŭl-sĭv′ĭ-tē, kəm-) n.


Etymology: L, compellere, to urge
pertaining to an act repeatedly performed under the stress of pathological, intense need.


Influenced by compulsion; of a compelling and irresistible nature.


the state of being subject to compulsion.

compulsive drinking
see primary polydypsia.
compulsive rolling
an involuntary movement in which the recumbent patient persists in rolling, always in the same direction, until it meets an obstruction.
compulsive walking
affected animals walk oblivious to their surroundings. They appear to be blind, walk into objects, headpress against them and stay in this position for long periods, are oblivious to danger and may die of misadventure. They may attempt to climb a wall and fall over backwards. Common causes are hepatic encephalopathy and increased intracranial pressure.

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Q. Relation between bipolar & obsessive compulsive disorder. Is there any relation between bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder? I ask you this because I have many answers so I have to choose one. Sorry I can’t post all which I know. Excuse me!

A. i know there is a condition called Bipolar OCD... so i don't understand the question if there's any connection... and as F3_4u mentioned - it is a common believe that OCD is a problem in serotonin secretion, the neurotransmitter that activate the "reward" feeling and stops the "seeking" system in our brain. and one of the genes that is connected to Bipolar disorder is also the serotonin gene. so there is a connection.

Q. What Is OCD? I have heard the term OCD on T.V and wanted to find out- what exactly is this syndrome?

A. OCD is a psychiatric disorder in which a person experiences obesessive thoughts and compulsions to do a ritual in order to "calm" these thoughts down. Obsessions can be recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that are experienced at some time during the disturbance. They are inappropriate and cause marked anxiety. Compulsions are defined by repetitive behaviors or mental acts that the person feels driven to perform in response to an obsession, or according to rules that must be applied rigidly. This disorder should be diagnosed only by a doctor.

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The questionnaire used in this study applied this 13-item scale to measure the degree of compulsiveness and therefore it asked respondents the following questions:
4) While readers may be sympathetic to the notion that Grand's conditions are the cause of his obsessive compulsiveness, which in turn hampers (or is) his artistic production, their continued reading of Camus's published novel is material evidence that such sympathy does not prevent one's engagement with art that is "successfully" produced.
Where compulsiveness and centralized decision making worked well in the early stages, this style of management in later stages of development becomes an obstacle to firm creativity and innovation.
Unfortunately for us, such compulsiveness does not allay our anxiety but feeds it.
spatial context and the context of social interactions), consumer impulsiveness and compulsiveness, neuroscientific explanations of consumer choice, and evolutionary and ecological perspectives on consumer behavior.
uk/research/news/traumatic-childhood-may-increase-the-risk-of-drug-addiction/) have discovered that a traumatic upbringing can emphasise personality traits such as impulsivity or compulsiveness, which in turn increase the risk of addiction.
He] gave us the worst of himself: he laid out, with an intensity of self-scrutiny worthy of comparison to Kafka and Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky, the extremes of his own narcissism, misogyny, compulsiveness, self-deception, dehumanizing moralism and theologizing, doubt in the possibility of love, and entrapment in the footnotes-within-footnotes self-consciousness .
propensity for (2004) compulsiveness use credit cards more intensely.
Nonpathological compulsiveness and interest in night-sky watching.
Sheela began to spend less time with her friends and family, where she would have to put up a brave face, and instead devoted more hours to work, where she could worry freely, obsessing over every detail of her job to the point of compulsiveness.
For example, some paranoia may lead to close scrutiny of the environment, compulsiveness will bring a heavy action orientation, and control of decision making which helps to implant a firm vision and direction for the organization initially.
Compulsiveness and a false sense of my own physical strength convinced me I could use my left shoulder and both arms to carry the rug and lay it out on its ultimate destination.