compulsive idea

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com·pul·sive i·de·a

a fixed and repetitively recurring idea.
See also: fixed idea.
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com·pul·sive i·de·a

(kŏm-pŭl'siv ī-dē'ă)
A fixed and repetitively recurring idea.
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(i-de'a) [L. idea, fr Gr. idea, form, pattern]
A mental image or concept.

autochthonous idea

A thought that comes into the mind independent of a train of thoughts, in an unaccountable way.

compulsive idea


dominant idea

An idea that controls all one's actions and thoughts.

fixed idea

An idea that completely dominates the mind despite evidence to the contrary; a delusion. Synonym: idée fixe

overvalued idea

An unreasonable, strongly held belief or idea. Such a belief is beyond the norm of beliefs held or accepted by other members of the person's culture or subculture.

idea of reference

The mistaken idea that the conversation or actions of others allude to oneself.
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