Compulsive Eating

Excess consumption of food, which a person may do in the face of loneliness or distress, using food for comfort
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She continues: "A lot of my compulsive eating I did in secret, so I would eat the remains of a loaf.
"I had gone through an eating disorder when I was younger, compulsive eating and, if you've had an unhealthy relationship with food, it's something you don't really get over, it is just something you try to manage.
Hypnotherapy has shown modest efficacy in treatment of anticipatory anxiety symptoms, headache, chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, migraines, hair-pulling and skin picking as well as compulsive eating and smoking cessation in adults.
BED often leads to unwanted weight gain, which reinforces further compulsive eating and negative feelings.
ii) Psychological factors that influenced dietary habits of respondents using validated compulsive eating scale (CES)[8] were considered to measure uncontrolled eating patterns.
The compulsive eating of hair is called trichophagia, which is associated with trichotillomania (hair pulling).
"The real underlying problems are the cravings that lead to compulsive eating and the behavior of compulsive overeating itself."
Without even realizing it, people take on unhealthy habits such as compulsive eating, shopping, drinking, over-exercising or simply ignoring the feelings only to explode in unsuitable moments.
W, is a psychotherapist who for the past 36 years has specialized in the treatment of children and adults with compulsive eating problems.
Many female gamblers have also experienced compulsive eating and compulsive sexual behaviour.
"It offers a programme of recovery from compulsive eating using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA.