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A dramatic 580% increase in the number of compromised records from 2016.
During the first six months of 2017, more than ten million records were compromised or exposed every day, or one hundred and twenty-two records every second, including medical, credit card and/or financial data or personally identifiable information.
The reports on BDO's compromised ATMs came more than a week after the Bank of the Philippine Islands reported an 'internal data processing error' that resulted in discrepancies in the accounts of its customers.
Fears of cards being compromised comes as online fraud is increasing in the nation.
Meanwhile, Telecom did not reveal the number of YahooXtra accounts compromised and was unaware if the problem was a continuation of the 'cross-site scripting' (XSS) that are said to be behind the web portal's problems last year that compromised tens of thousands of accounts.
Hence my contention that in a CS the agent is somehow compromised no matter what she eventually chooses.
About a third of rank-and-file Democrats believe Obama compromised too much, but the majority (55%) say he either did not compromise enough or was about right.
They know how to stay under the radar, how to test compromised cards effectively and they share that information with each other.
If 20% of these infections were caused by fluoroquinolone-resistant Campylobacter spp., then 6,000 persons would potentially have their therapy and outcome compromised, rather than the 1 person that Cox would have us believe.
There are lots of other uses of the word 'compromised', including the ones about the convicted safecracker being found in the vault after normal banking hours, or the otherwise respectable married man being caught with his hand high on the thigh of a giggling bimbette by his good lady wife who's wondering why it's taken him so long to get the groceries from Tesco's.
That person was probably burned at the stake because saving the environment probably compromised economics!
If this data were to become compromised, a company could lose its competitive edge, and even its customers.