compressive force

com·pres·sive force

(kŏm-presiv fōrs)
A force that squeezes an object's surfaces together and causes its mass to bulge.
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During the modern downswing, greater compressive force is directed toward the spinal disc and facet joints, affecting these structures asymmetrically.
That occurs from a combination of the high compressive force and the angular motion of the flight relative to the barrel wall during rotation.
The researchers found that for pain, function, six-minute walk distance, physical and mental health-related quality of life (HRQOL), knee joint compressive force, and interleukin-6, there were significant dose responses to weight loss.
* The ball screw with reinforced bearings delivers tensile and compressive force
The compressive force will be increased from 1.50kfg/[cm.sup.2] (0.150 MPa) to 3.50kfg/[cm.sup.2] (0.35 MPa) per second.
[18] used the compressive force test from a 13.8 mm diameter stainless steel probe to measure the texture of pita bread.
[6] presented the paper on finite element analysis of CFST columns subjected to an axial compressive force and bending moment in combination.
The blue parts represent compressive force chain networks and the red parts represent tensile force chain networks.
The initial fastener force (compressive force and tensile force with absolute value) increases with the pier differential settlement and the maximum compressive and tensile forces are listed in Table 3.
In the calculation code, an array is used to record the maximum axial tensile and compressive force in the oil tube string.