compression plating

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com·pres·sion plat·ing

a technique for internal fixation using a compression plate.
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In the past, compression plating has been achieved with the use of various plating systems, each with certain drawbacks.
Based on functional outcome, lameness grading and radiographical observations for a period of three months, it could be concluded that locking compression plating technique could provide stable fracture fixation for complicated diaphyseal fracture of femur in dogs.
We believe that hypertrophic nonunions of the humeral shaft should continue to be treated with compression plating alone; while atrophic nonunions can be treated with rhOP-1 and allogenic bone graft material instead of using an autogenous bone graft.
Conventional compression plating needs good bone quality and precise anatomical reduction.
All dogs operated for repair of fracture by stainless steel locking compression plating started bearing weight from seventh post operative day to monitoring period of sixty days.
Result LC-DCP DCP Eggers Semi-tubular plating plating Excellent 27 (90%) 28 (89.50%) 21 (53.80%) 18 (60%) Good 3 (10%) 4 (12.50%) 13 (23.3%) 8 (26.7%) Fair -- -- 3 (10.2%) 2 (7%) Poor -- -- 2 (5%) 2 (7%) The results of limited contact Dynamic Compression Plating for diaphyseal fractures is found to be superior to various techniques of internal fixation in our study.
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Compression plating versus Hackethal nailing in closed humeral shaft fractures failing non-operative reduction.
Open reduction internal with dynamic compression plating and closed or open intramedullary nailing using IM nails randomly.
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