compressed sponge

com·pressed sponge

a sponge that is impregnated with a thin mucilage of acacia, wrapped with twine to the desired shape, and then dried; used to dilate sinuses, the os uteri, etc., by absorbing moisture after insertion.
Synonym(s): sponge tent
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Limited tenders are invited for Compressed sponge with rubber foam lining with cotton layer on top cotton binding and cross stitching 6ft x 3ft with 6 inch foam
A 5 French catheter was inserted, and embolisation of both internal iliac arteries as well as the tumour vessels was performed using an absorbable gelatine compressed sponge (Gelfoam, Pfizer, USA).
95) THIS Glow pack contains Eye Refiner Gel (30ml), Glyco Serum (30ml), Intensive Moisture Cream (30ml) and a Compressed Sponge.
Le Male pouch by Gaultier is made from thermally compressed sponge and comes complete with an eau de toilette natural spray, a tube of aftershave gel and all-over shampoo and costs pounds 29.
The shrink-to-grow plan only works for sea monkeys and those silly compressed sponges you buy at the checkout lanes in Bed Bath & Beyond.

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