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Knowledge or understanding of an object, situation, event, or verbal statement.
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Knowledge or understanding of an object, situation, event, or verbal statement.
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Knowledge or understanding of something.
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Patient discussion about comprehension

Q. What you guys understand from this? I am diagnosed with bipolar type, which is more extreme than bipolar type II. I know about my symptoms but I'm looking for individual experiences. I have interest in painting, numerology, stamp collection, gardening etc... When, I am manic, I just switch from one area of interest to another and completely lose interest in the previous area of interest. What you guys understand from this? I know that each person's experience will differ and I like to hear about your behavior….

A. It is common for people with bipolar disorder to have a short attention span during a manic episode. You have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Your mind will race and your thoughts will be all over the place and often cant complete on scentence before moving on to the next... your behaviours will manifest in the same ways. What you are discribing here are some of the symptoms of a manic episode.
Are you currently being treated for bipolar disorder? If you are and you are still experiencing manic episodes it would be advisable to make an appointment with your doctor so you can make him/her aware of the symptoms you are still experiencing.

Q. What can one understand from this report? my sister is bipolar with her symptoms, doctor also doubts so, but in her report it is mentioned as Bipolar Disorder not otherwise specified……what can one understand from this report?

A. as ChristopherJac mentioned, in any mental illness there are many subtypes to everything, Bipolar is included. and sometimes (rarely but it happens)the bipolar symptoms are also accompanied by other symptoms. then you specify, in your sister's case - there was probably nothing...

Q. My boyfriend understands me when i suffer from bipolar Hi friends, I was diagnosed with Rapid-Cycling Bipolar a year ago. Right now I am looking for some urgent and true support. That’s why I am here in iMedix. I can't really talk to a lot of people about my disorder. The only people that seem to understand me are people who have mental illness. I only have my boyfriend who tries to understand and a friend who is schitzo affective and I really don’t see him much. It would be great to have you people to talk with me. When I was diagnosed I became a kind of antisocial. So Hello everyone, pls help me!

A. Welcome Olivia, pull up a chair and feel free to share whatever is on your mind, ask any question you want to... the people here are open and caring and helpful.
I am a believer that no one can truly fully understand anoter persons sufferings foe everyone is different, with different triggers and life circumstances. All that another can do is offer some of their experiences and thoughts with you. You may find some helpful and others not so much. Try to keep in mind that although not one can truly understand you and everything you are going through they are trying. You have the opportunity to teach the people around you about your illness and how it affects you. express your feelings and your thoughts and triggers etc... give the people around you the opportunity to learn and help you when you need it.

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However, research findings by Bourgeois and Eisenhardt (1988) do not support the Fredrickson and Mitchell (1984) hypothesis of a negative relationship between comprehensiveness and effectiveness under unstable environmental conditions.
Across the entire multicountry study sample, they found a consistent positive association between comprehensiveness (defined as breadth of services offered within a practice, and higher patient perceptions of access, continuity, comprehensiveness, and decision-making involvement.
This article aims to describe elements of comprehensiveness reflected in the work of family health teams that have received doctors through the Mais Medicos Program.
A 46-item tool was developed by the research team to rate the comprehensiveness of schools' tobacco policies.
Survey research suggests that comprehensiveness is declining in the United States (17-21) despite prior evidence suggesting numerous benefits.
TABLE Recommended cervical cancer screening applications App App comprehensiveness Price Platform ASCCP Mobile * Screening guidelines $9.99 iTunes and Google Play iTunes: * Follow-up guidelines store
The PCATool appears as a questionnaire divided into sections by evaluated attribute, which are divided into essential attributes and their sub-items: first contact access, with sub-items accessibility and use; longitudinality; coordination, with sub-items integrated care and information system; and comprehensiveness, with sub-items available services and services provided.
The study included four recommendations concerning the most important legislations in the Water Resources Protection Law in the Sultanate and the bylaw regulating the water sector in the ministry and the extent of its effectiveness and comprehensiveness of this sector at the moment.
The national council of social dialogue aims to ensure sustainability, periodicity and comprehensiveness of the social dialogue.
According to Theo Roe, course coordinator BA (Hons) Industrial Design at the university: "Dan showed how looks and aesthetics are not the same thing by integrating a cultural context into a feasibly functional design, achieving this by the comprehensiveness of his attention to detailing."
AhmadZahidah, general manager of Kooora, said: "What makes stand out are the core values we live by: credi- bility, comprehensiveness and speed of coverage.

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