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The act of combining parts to form a whole.
[L. compono, to put together]
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Combining pharmacologically active agents at a pharmacy; mixing or preparing a single active agent at a pharmacy for use by an individual patient.


Pharmacies that compound drugs are regulated by state and local boards of pharmacy, not by the FDA.
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Neal is also investigating an entry into the pharmaceutical compounding market.
On a volume basis, Compounding Solutions runs about 5 million lb/yr.
Compounding Solutions runs a full slate of materials, including polyolefins, styrenics, polyesters, PC, nylons TPUs, biodegradables.
Not so for Compounding Solutions: It buys the extruder--paying careful attention to specifying screw design and metallurgy, as well as the controls platform--and all upstream and downstream machinery, and integrates the equipment on its own.
White-room compounding is not an industry standard by any means, Neal states.