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The act of combining parts to form a whole.
[L. compono, to put together]


Combining pharmacologically active agents at a pharmacy; mixing or preparing a single active agent at a pharmacy for use by an individual patient.


Pharmacies that compound drugs are regulated by state and local boards of pharmacy, not by the FDA.


the annual addition of earned interest to a capital sum of borrowed or loaned money at the existing market interest rate, including the interest earned by the accumulated interest; calculated future value of an existing capital sum.
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On a volume basis, Compounding Solutions runs about 5 million lb/yr.
Compounding Solutions runs a full slate of materials, including polyolefins, styrenics, polyesters, PC, nylons TPUs, biodegradables.
Not so for Compounding Solutions: It buys the extruder--paying careful attention to specifying screw design and metallurgy, as well as the controls platform--and all upstream and downstream machinery, and integrates the equipment on its own.
White-room compounding is not an industry standard by any means, Neal states.
Compounding Solutions' average order is 2000 lb; it runs orders anywhere from 25 to 100,000 lb.