compound presentation

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that part of the fetus lying over the pelvic inlet; the presenting body part of the fetus. See also position and lie.
breech presentation presentation of the fetal buttocks, knees, or feet in labor; the feet may be alongside the buttocks (complete breech presentation); the legs may be extended against the trunk and the feet lying against the face (frank breech presentation); or one or both feet or knees may be prolapsed into the maternal vagina (incomplete breech presentation).
Breech presentation. From McKinney et al., 2000.
antigen presentation presentation of ingested antigens on the surface of macrophages near histocompatibility antigens; see also antigen presentation.
cephalic presentation presentation of any part of the fetal head in labor, whether the vertex, face, or brow.
compound presentation prolapse of one of the limbs of the fetus alongside the head in cephalic presentation or of one or both arms alongside a presenting breech at the beginning of labor.
footling presentation presentation of the fetus with one foot (single footling) or two feet (double footling) prolapsed into the maternal vagina.
funic presentation presentation of the umbilical cord in labor.
placental presentation placenta praevia.
shoulder presentation presentation with the fetal shoulder as the presenting part; see oblique lie and transverse lie.
transverse presentation transverse lie.
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compound presentation

prolapse of an extremity, usually a hand, along the presenting part, with both in the pelvis simultaneously.
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com·pound pre·sen·ta·tion

(kom'pownd prez'ĕn-tā'shŭn)
Prolapse of an extremity, usually a hand, along with the presenting part during the second stage of labor, with both in the pelvis simultaneously.
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compound presentation

Fetal position in which a prolapsed limb is alongside the main presenting part.
See also: presentation
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