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"When the typesetting was complete the lines of type were sent to the stone area where compositors, under the direction of sub-editors, assembled them together with hot metal adverts and photographs to form individual pages.
The 36-year-old was a compositor with the Stirling Journal and had joined the Forces four years earlier.
Y es de mano, pues guia al poeta y al compositor en la escritura, en la creacion.
A obra para piano, orquestra e eletronica Abyssus Ascendens ad Aeternum Splendorem (O Abismo Ascendente para o Brilho Eterno) do compositor portugues Joao Pedro Oliveira (1959) foi composta em 2005 e estreada dois anos apos, em 2007, pela Orquestra Gulbenkian de Lisboa, tendo como solista a pianista Ana Telles.