composite core

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com·pos·ite core

(kŏm-pozit kōr)
Restoration made of resin composite intended to replace lost tooth structure under a crown; provides support and retention for the crown.
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We developed the technology and tested it and we manufacture the composite core at our facility in Irvine California.
With the launch of High Tension Low Sag ACCCA(r) (Aluminium Conductor Composite Core) for the first time in Pakistan, we have again set a new standard for the power sector.
Fractures are related to the mechanical properties of composite core materials including compressive and flexural strengths.
Retention of the composite core to prefabricated posts is affected by various factors, including surface treatment of the post, design of the post head and the composite core material.
District Court, Central District of California, on March 3, 2009, asserting infringement of two of CTC Cable's issued patents for composite core technology used in bare overhead transmission conductor (U.S.
The company currently has capacity to produce 1 million sq m of composite core panels annually.
Thus was elaborated a special material for cladding type: tubular wire with composite core for weld cladding of hard layers, rich in chrome, tungsten and vanadium carbides, with high resistand to severe abrasion, metal on metal type, specific to machine loads in the field of cold or hot plastic deformation manufacturing.
CTC Cable Corporation produces composite rod for use in its proprietary ACCC aluminum conductor composite core. ACCC conductors virtually eliminate the sag in power lines caused by high current and high line temperatures.
has developed a line of composite core materials, called GPS, for use with resin infusion technology.
In the manufacture of a structural member comprising a thermoplastic composite core with an exterior reinforcing layer, the core member is initially extruded in the shape of a profile.
Mikron's PP decking is coextruded with a highly wood-filled solid skin over a foamed composite core. The foamed core has a specific gravity of 0.3-0.5 g/cc.