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The componential framework of creativity (Amabile, 1983) includes three major components: domain-relevant skills, creativity-relevant skills and task motivation.
D--Map syntax--stratigraphical, componential and compositional.
In this review we determined different componential factors on quality of life in infertile couples (Table 1).
The present study is based on the idea that meaning consists of some smaller aspects or components (for componential analysis see Fodor and Katz 1963, Nida 1975).
Cognitive complexity and task sequencing: a review of studies in a Componential Framework for second language task design.
Dimensional and componential structure of a hierarchical organization of pain-related anxiety constructs.
To further investigate the question of what differentiates children with MD-only from those with MD+RD, the researchers fitted latent growth models to investigate whether each of six component skills (working memory, short-term memory, cognitive processing speed, math concepts, number series, phonological processing) in kindergarten made unique contributions to the elevation and/or slope of children's growth trajectories in mathematics, when controlling for the contributions of the other componential skills and reading.
If 'modularity' is a characteristically Chinese 'technological philosophy' (Lemonnier 1986; Sillar 1996), then we might expect to find modular production in Shang bone- working as indeed is suggested in the large batches of matching decorative pins produced in standardised steps and the componential design of the phase IV pins, with the heads and stems possibly produced in different areas.
A Componential Investigation of the Effects of Deadlines on Individual Decision Making
An original conceptualisation is explained and a theoretical model of the componential structure of researcher development formulated from conceptual analysis is illustrated.

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