component of force

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com·po·nent of force

1. one of the factors from which a resultant force may be compounded or into which it may be resolved;
2. one of the vectors into which a force may be resolved.
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where [F.sub.1]-is the component of the braking force, where there is evaluated only the transversal edge effect [F.sub.2]-is the free component of force existing only during the moment of the transitional process; [F.sub.3]-is the component, estimating the longitudinal and transversal edge effects and their reciprocity.
"This smart device may be installed at bases and checkpoints both domestically and abroad as a component of force protection.
1.) We need to determine horizontal component of force in bridge deck after post-tensioning [H.sub.PR], prior to carrying on additional permanent load (fence, asphalt ...).

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