complicated migraine

com·pli·cat·ed mi·graine

a migraine attack during which an infarction of tissue takes place.
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Patients suffer from recurrent episodes of complicated migraine symptoms, consisting of transient neurologic deficits such as hemiparesis, aphasia, and sensory disturbances.
Complex migraine, is often used interchangeably with migraine variants or complicated migraine, defined syndromes associated with episodic, transient, and reversible neurologic dysfunction.
In contrast, the symptoms of complicated migraine or partial seizures often evolve in what neurologists call 'the Jacksonian march,' starting in one part of the body and then gradually spreading.
Complicated migraine is migraine with focal neurologic symptoms: weakness, tingling, or numbness on one side of the body or the other that can precede, accompany, or follow the actual headache.
Migraine has its triggers and is expressed in wither of the three forms, classic migraine, common migraine or complicated migraine (Nowak, & Handford, 2004).
Complicated migraine syndromes and migraine variants.
Migraine with aura was present in 3 patients in whom it was also the first symptom of the disorder; complicated migraine occurred in 1 patient (case 2); case 3 reported a severe migraine, which was followed by clouding of consciousness and amnesia--an episode difficult to distinguish from an ischaemic event.
Genetic research, however, has already identified familial hemiplegic migraine, a rare form of complicated migraine, to be caused by a genetic defect on chromosome 19, one of the 26 strands of DNA in human cells.
For example, while the psychiatrist provides pharmacotherapy, one therapist might provide group dialectical-behavior therapy, another therapist might provide individual therapy, a neurologist might treat the patient's complicated migraines, and a primary care physician or specialist might treat the patient's chronic fibromyalgia pain.
Verapamil is effective against complicated migraines. [Beta]-blockers are a good choice for nondepressed patients although their tendency to lower heart rate may bother teenage athletes.
Verapamil is effective against complicated migraines. B-blockers are a good choice for nondepressed patients although their tendency to lower heart rate may bother teenage athletes.
Less than five percent of all children who suffer from migraine headaches have complicated migraines. This specific disorder is associated with a weakness on one side of the body, vision loss in one eye, or paralysis of eye movement on one side.