compliance plan

com·pli·ance plan

(kŏm-plī'ăns plan)
A program set up by a health care provider to ensure compliance with regulations regarding coding and billing to prevent fraud and abuse.
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NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced that on November 12, 2015 it had submitted a compliance plan to The NASDAQ Stock Market ("NASDAQ") to support its request for an extension of time to March 8, 2016 to regain compliance with continued listing requirements.
But some utilities have said they hope the Lone Star State eventually will devise a compliance plan to meet the new requirements to avoid being slapped with a mystery plan devised by the EPA and to bolster regulatory certainty.
At the urging of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and other stakeholders, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today approved a settlement that will reopen the company s highly popular Colorado small residential and medium-sized Solar Rewards solar programs until the state s 2014 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Compliance Plan is finalized later this year.
Implementation of a compliance plan includes conducting the activities described in the plan and developing comprehensive written procedures for activities referenced in the plan.
A compliance plan is a set of documents that helps guide businesses/agencies in their efforts to operate in accordance with various governmental legal requirements.
2 that the American Stock Exchange had accepted its compliance plan and had granted GreenMan an extension through March 20, 2006, to regain compliance with the listing standards.
recently announced it has received formal approval from Nasdaq for its compliance plan addressing comments received from Nasdaq concerning certain terms of the company's preferred stock.
Yet, despite all of the discussion and buzz, few organizations have actually implemented a compliance plan as part of their business operations.
A 1-year grace period has been offered, but it is only available to physicians who submit a model compliance plan to CMS by Oct.
Potential project risks are identified and a comprehensive compliance plan is created.
A 1-year grace period has been offered, but it is available only to physicians who submit a model compliance plan to CMS.
The employer may need to supply a compliance plan to the officer specifying the time when training is to begin and end for the workers in the logging operation.
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