compliance plan

com·pli·ance plan

(kŏm-plī'ăns plan)
A program set up by a health care provider to ensure compliance with regulations regarding coding and billing to prevent fraud and abuse.
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In this newly created position in the company, Morgan will oversee all of its initiatives in three critical service areas: clinical, quality and compliance, as well as the newly developed Caregiver Corporate Compliance Plan, reporting to its president and CEO Mark Lashley.
The company is working diligently to complete the Quarterly Report and expects to file the Quarterly Report prior to the Compliance Plan Due Date.
A strict compliance plan has been put in place at each of the companies so that such actions do not repeat.
The latest timetable from the administration says clinics must submit a compliance plan next month and by mid-September must show they are carrying out most of the new requirements.
Based upon a review of the compliance plan and information submitted on May 11, 2019 by NovaBay, the Exchange determined that the company made a reasonable demonstration of its ability to make substantial progress toward regaining compliance by October 12, 2020.
In order to maintain its listing, the company must submit a compliance plan by July 16, indicating how it intends to comply by Dec.
The company currently anticipates regaining compliance with the filing requirement by filing its Quarterly Report prior to July 16, 2018, and intends to submit a compliance plan to Nasdaq if it is unable to do so.
'The company is determined to complete all the phases of its Compliance Plan, particularly the stock rights offering, being one of its major components.'
OLYMPIA -- Citing numerous violations, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has fined Dental Health Services $300,000 and ordered it to develop a compliance plan to resolve consumer concerns, according to a September news release issued by his office.
If the compliance plan is accepted, Nasdaq may grant Synchronoss an extension of up to 180 calendar days from the Form 10-Q's due date, or until November 6, 2017, to regain compliance.
The Washington state Utilities and Transportation Commission approved the settlement, in which Cascade could be fined another $1.5 million unless it completes a compliance plan, including validating the maximum pressure on its highest-risk pipelines in Washington, by the end of the year.
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