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(kom-plek'sŭs), Avoid the mispronunciation com'plexus. The plural of this word is complexus, not complexi.
[L. an embracing, encircling]
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(kom-plek'sus) [L.]
Semispinalis capitis muscle.
See: muscle
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He wrote that "our logically controlled thoughts compose a small part of the mind, the mere blossom of a vast complexus which we may call the instinctive mind, in which [a] man will not say that he has faith because that implies the conceivability of distrust, but upon which he builds as the very fact to which it is the whole business of his logic to be true." (6)
Complexus significa o que foi tecido junto; de fato, ha complexidade quando elementos diferentes sao inseparaveis constitutivos do todo (como o economico, o politico, o sociologico, o psicologico, o afetivo, o mitologico), e ha um tecido interdependente, interativo e inter-retroativo entre o objeto de conhecimento e seu contexto, as partes e o todo, o todo e as partes, as partes entre si.
Franke, "Complexus adhaerentes, a new group of desmoplakin-containing junctions in endothelial cells: II.
All of which goes to show that the state represents all the autocratic, arbitrary, coercive, belligerent forces within a social group, it is a sort of complexus of everything most distasteful to the modern free creative spirit, the feeling for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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