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The state of consisting of many interrelated parts.
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The said company being now relieved from further attendance, and the chief Barnacles being rather hurried (for they had it in hand just then to send a mail or two which was in danger of going straight to its destination, beating about the seas like the Flying Dutchman, and to arrange with complexity for the stoppage of a good deal of important business otherwise in peril of being done), went their several ways; with all affability conveying to Mr and Mrs Meagles that general assurance that what they had been doing there, they had been doing at a sacrifice for Mr and Mrs Meagles's good, which they always conveyed to Mr John Bull in their official condescension to that most unfortunate creature.
It is a pathetic sight and a striking example of the complexity introduced into the emotions by a high state of civilization, the sight of a fashionably dressed female in grief.
It also demonstrates that geographical diversity is just one of many drivers of complexity and addressing this in isolation will do little to attack the overall problem of complexity in this industry.
Powerful forces have reshaped the global business landscape in the last few years, accelerating the rise of complexity as a source of challenge, change, risk, unpredictability and even opportunity that executives must understand and embrace with new tools and skills in order to succeed," said Timothy P.
A community's members have two fundamental choices for dealing with complexity (in other words, for adapting to the complexities of their environment).
In this paper we define five new complexity classes for multi-variable complexity functions and we prove some properties of these new defined classes.
These times have produced rapid change and complexity (Modis, 2003) and have resulted in an environment of unpredictability (Homer-Dixon, 2001).
While some incentives such as those for research and education have widespread support, a growing consensus favors lower rates and a broader tax base to reduce complexity, ease tax administration, and minimize the government's role in picking "winners" and "losers.
Traditional financial analysis, while yielding positive contribution margins, failed to factor in the link between increasing the number of service lines and the complexity costs.
The "long term complexity ": seminars to help practitioners take a step back from their daily practices and challenges of their activities