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The state of consisting of many interrelated parts.
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For--and this is our second point--images enter into the content of a belief through the fact that they are capable of meaning, and their meaning does not, as a rule, have as much complexity as they have: some of their characteristics are usually devoid of meaning.
Whatever happened to him now would be one more motive to add to the complexity of the pattern, and when the end approached he would rejoice in its completion.
It absorbs something of his intelligence and purpose--more of them in proportion to the complexity of the resulting machine and that of its work.
Phrases are often repeated in the ballads, just as in the talk of the common man, for the sake of emphasis, but there is neither complexity of plot or characterization nor attempt at decorative literary adornment--the story and the emotion which it calls forth are all in all.
Innovation in Mixed Methods Research: A Practical Guide to Integrative Thinking with Complexity
(TAP) - The Tunisian market presents a strong operationality and low complexity for business and corporate activities, according to the Global Markets Complexity Index (GMCI), developed in partnership with the Wall Street Journal, analysing the complexity of markets in 83 countries around the world, their operationality and their regulation.
THACKERVILLE Complexity Gaming, an esports organization, announced a partnership with WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville.
The article Using Complexity and Network Concepts to Inform Healthcare Knowledge Translation (1) was based on the development of a knowledge translation (KT) strategic framework in a Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences for an Australian university.
is readying its business in the Philippines, as it sees the complexity level of the country's information technology (IT) getting higher.
Thus, the capabilities of current ATM systems are constrained by the levels of traffic situation complexity experienced by air traffic controllers.
The aim of present cross sectional study was to apply Index of Complexity, Outcome and Need (ICON) in Pakistani population.
APICS AND MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY (MSU) recently announced findings from their latest report, "Managing the Complexity Paradigm." The new report addresses the increased complexity of today's supply chain flow, which supply chain leaders cite as the top challenge they face.