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The state of consisting of many interrelated parts.
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Let us test two MPCs shown in Figure 3 with static complexities [H.sub.1;1] and [H.sub.2;1].
PMIs White Paper [19] proposed possible strategies for dealing with complexities in projects.
It is the most easily recognized of the complexities by both practitioners and researchers and is also described as complicatedness or the level of interconnectedness.
When things go awry, the subtleties and complexities are magnified.
Whether directly or indirectly influencing ag processes, consultants and researchers' impact is only expected to grow in coming years as growers face increased complexities in the field, market, among regulatory agencies and more.
Costs were a consideration when designing the cluster, but with Extreme Networks the BCEB was able to reap the benefits of a high-performance infrastructure without increasing costs or administrative complexities. With a core network already consisting of Extreme Networks BlackDiamond[R] switches, the BCEB decided to deploy additional BlackDiamonds in the cluster network to ensure consistency and simplify network management, area network (SAN) and also acts as an entry point for building aggregation.
* Dealing with the complexities of the building and ongoing management of an effective site disaster recovery system with multiple independent products
Although it is necessary to recognize and acknowledge the complexities inherent in cultural life and the natural world, it is equally important that a dizzying array of variables not blind us to certain scientific facts of biophysical reality.
They themselves employ qualified tax attorneys and accountants and, in return, they require experienced, well-trained agents to understand the complexities and to audit those returns.
For higher complexities and higher volume, a good strategy is to add several automatic inspection steps.
Together, these findings support H1 in that the additional complexities introduced by floors and phase-outs served to impair taxpayers' ability to correctly estimate the relevant marginal tax rate.
The results show that for large business intelligence solutions, the combination of the Unisys ES7000, Intel Itanium 2 processors and Microsoft software delivers mainframe-class performance and scalability without the cost and complexities of proprietary UNIX-based systems.