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The state of consisting of many interrelated parts.
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Usually, but not always convincingly, they are rationalised by reference to the complexities of the programme, the context, or even modern life in general.
Though the promise of IMS is great, NEMs and service providers are now faced with how to get the most benefit from the architecture and mitigate the complexities," said Becky Watson, Program Manager at Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast division and author of the recently published research, Mastering the Complexities of IMS Applications.
AUTOSAR is a partnership of key players in the automotive, electronics and software industries dedicated to managing the complexities of rapidly increasing electronics and software technology in vehicles through the creation and adoption of globally recognized, open-standards-based platforms.
PhysOps XL(TM) to Manage Logistical Complexities of Waterborne & Overland Oil Deliveries; Glencore Second to License PhysOps XL since June Launch
Complexities in IT create many problems, however when companies understand how to manage complexity, it can create a more efficient and simpler environment for workers as well as customers.
With extensive mainframe integration expertise, NEON is uniquely qualified to solve the complexities of supporting new business initiatives that must integrate with critical mainframe systems.
As enterprises and organizations spanning every vertical grapple with growth-induced change, they find themselves caught in rigid and outmoded organizational processes and structures that are ill equipped to deal with the mounting complexities internally and externally.
The book provides a comprehensive collection of topics dealing with root causes of complexity issues and proven solutions implemented to manage these complexities.
A community's members have two fundamental choices for dealing with complexity (in other words, for adapting to the complexities of their environment).
Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.