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The state of consisting of many interrelated parts.
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PMIs White Paper [19] proposed possible strategies for dealing with complexities in projects.
It is the most easily recognized of the complexities by both practitioners and researchers and is also described as complicatedness or the level of interconnectedness.
Second, the low cost per query achieved in the benchmark speaks to the cost-of-ownership advantages of scale-up, Microsoft- and Intel-based computing, which reduces the administrative and operational complexities associated with clustered server configurations.
This issue is important because auditors are exposed to tasks of varying complexity, and it is critical to know ways of ensuring that tasks of different complexities can be satisfactorily performed.
The contradictory complexities of works like "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain" and The Souls of Black Folk are not reducible to the notion of "counternarratives.
While many professionals struggle to understand the complexities of Sec.
He even acknowledges toward the end of the book that "the common law was, in fact, quite attuned to complexities - externalities, aggregate effects, multiple causation, unquantifiable risks, and indirect but nonetheless real effects.
We are studying the question of Hebron in all of its complexities,'' Netanyahu said: ``Historical complexity, religious complexity, security complexity of the highest order.
Usually, but not always convincingly, they are rationalised by reference to the complexities of the programme, the context, or even modern life in general.
While other vendors struggle to keep up by adding new technologies on top of unwieldy legacy infrastructures that were never built for virtualization, only Egenera has been able to simplify the management of virtual machines in a way that completely protects customers from the complexities that bog down their operational performance.
The Storage Systems group at IBM Almaden Research Center currently has several research projects in progress to address the complexities of autonomic storage.
The sum of these individual complexities is therefore,