complex prescribing

complex prescribing,

n the homeopathic practice, popular in France and Germany, of prescribing a combined remedy of dilutions at different potencies in one container to treat a specific disease state.
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By extending support for more complex prescribing, TrakCare helps ensure that a patient's full medications history is captured in the electronic patient record, providing a full view of allergies and drug interactions at the time of prescription, further improving patient safety.
Speaking at a conference at the weekend, they said they were worried a reduction of basic science, such as anatomy and pharmacology, being taught as part of medical degrees means future doctors may not have the necessary background to deal with complex prescribing issues.
David has worked in all facets of the pharmacy industry from clinical pharmacist through CEO, which gives him a unique insight into the intricacies of today's complex prescribing environment," said RxHub CEO Jim Bradley.
With these cost increases and complex prescribing regimens, Walgreens has developed the programs to help both patients and payers better manage disease treatment and lower patients' overall health care costs.
Complex Prescribing Decision-Making Process--The New Primacy of Monetary Issues
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