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Roman goddess of the hunt.
Diana complex - the adoption of masculine traits and behavior by a female.
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The complex of G-[beta]-CD/sesamol was prepared by the freezing-drying method in this study.
ZnCl2 and hesperidin forms a complex of distinctive ocher-yellow color with an absorption maximum at 369 nm (Fig.
"Fleet is proud to take the lead in financing this important redevelopment project which will not only significantly benefit Diego Beckman residents, but will restore a complex of buildings that is a pillar of this community," said Philip Grossman, Executive Vice President and Market Manager, Community Real Estate Finance at Fleet.
In the new discovery, Bell and Stillman have found a complex of seven proteins that binds to these origin sequences, setting the replication process in motion.
In our previous work, the catalytic reaction of AP with cobalt complex of 2,6-diamino-3,5-dinitropyrazine-1-oxide (Co-LLM-105) during thermal decomposition, as well as the decomposition mechanism of AP catalyzed by Co-LLM-105 were studied in detail [31].
The Superior Court for the Judicial District of Hartford at New Britain has appointed IMPACT Receiver of Rents for Fairway, a residential complex of 114 units in New Britain.