complex joint

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complex joint

a joint composed of three or more skeletal elements, or in which two anatomically separate joints function as a unit. For example, the talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints act together as the compound transverse tarsal joint.

com·plex joint

(kŏm-pleks joynt) [TA]
Joint composed of three or more skeletal elements, or in which two anatomically separate joints function as a unit.
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He has significant experience as the senior member of deal teams for some of the largest and most complex joint ventures, project developments, acquisitions, public and private financings and restructurings.
Saeed Ahmed Seddiq Al Mutawaa, CEO of Emirates Pearl for Development and Investment, said: 'On complex joint venture projects such as this, efficient cross-company communication is crucial for on-time delivery.
Pinsent Masons (2) THE FIRM This Birmingham-based team has been consciously moving away from stock transfer transactions and into more complex joint investments, PFIs and crossover deals involving both the public and private sectors.
Knee OA is a common, complex joint disorder that is characterized clinically by usage-related pain and functional limitation.
The CTM is a formalization of existing test processes, with refinement, for designing a test of new capabilities or system of systems in a complex joint environment.
So, instead of spending tax dollars by simulating a training environment, the Innovative Readiness Training program allows us to train in a complex joint, interagency real-world command and control, and diving and salvage project, ultimately maximizing the effectiveness of the taxpayers' dollars in a direct, measurable way in both our military program and in the local civil sector in the process.
Although she leaves the family's complex joint finances to Peter, her husband of 23 years, Mrs Harding is in charge of her own business interests.
In contrast, "the higher-functioning children showed dramatic increases in the more socially complex joint attention states.
The first point to bear in mind is that the knee is an extremely complex joint that carries a massive amount of load when we walk and run.
In the future, military leaders will go forth to "act in the best interests of the nation" as part of a dedicated team of specialists from all military services, with rule sets, systems, and processes evolved to work in an integrated fashion--and naval leaders comprehensively schooled and ready to command and control naval forces in the complex joint, multiagency, and multinational environment that defines today's battlefield.
335th Soldiers manage the largest and most complex joint communications network ever installed in support of a warfighter.
Rather than trying to remove confusion about "megaproblems," I believe we should attempt to appreciate the level of our confusion about complex joint mission areas.

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