complex joint

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complex joint

a joint composed of three or more skeletal elements, or in which two anatomically separate joints function as a unit. For example, the talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints act together as the compound transverse tarsal joint.

com·plex joint

(kŏm-pleks joynt) [TA]
Joint composed of three or more skeletal elements, or in which two anatomically separate joints function as a unit.
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Perhaps the largest and most complex joint in human body is the knee joint, and knee ligament injury is one of the most common sports injuries, specially seen in ACL that has a higher prevalence of tearing and it is the greatest concern of orthopedic surgeons who are involved in sports injuries.
However, correctly analyzing the complex joint probability distributions characteristic of this approach requires a statistician trained in the use of Bayes' Theorem.
Modern military strategists and planners could also draw lessons from each side since KE is an excellent example of a complex joint operation conducted in the Pacific --the latest strategic focus of the American military.
This is largely because the ankle is such a complex joint - it's smaller than either the knee or the hip, yet carries the same amount of weight with the foot acting as a lever, increasing the force.
The South Korean Unification Ministry said Pyongyang notified the South through the Kaesong Industrial Complex joint management committee secretariat that it wants to hold three subcommittee meetings next Wednesday and Thursday, according to the report.
Often times, ESE must overcome obstacles including customs issues in countries where there is no standing SOFA to ensure requirements entrusted to them for complex joint operations are carried out successfully.
Mo Rastgr, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and PhD student Evandro Ficanha are working on a microprocessor-controlled ankle-foot prosthesis that comes close to achieving the innate range of motion of this highly complex joint.
It also offers implants for limb salvage, complex joint replacement, and prosthetic attachments.
For those divorcing or dissolving a civil partnership, a pension fund is likely to be one of the largest and most complex joint assets to be split.
A six-year-old South African boy was attacked by a baboon at an animal farm in Dubai, following which he has undergone a complex joint reconstruction surgery.
Three of the papers tackle the challenges posed by global virtual team dynamics, complex joint ventures, and cross-border acquisitions.
He has significant experience as the senior member of deal teams for some of the largest and most complex joint ventures, project developments, acquisitions, public and private financings and restructurings.

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