complex fracture

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com·plex frac·ture

a fracture with significant soft tissue injury.

complex fracture

a closed fracture in which the soft tissue surrounding the bone is severely damaged.

com·pli·cat·ed frac·ture

(kom'pli-kā-tĕd frak'shŭr)
Breakage in an osseous structure such that the sharp edges of the bone have pierced an organ or bodily structure.
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Internal fixation of complex fractures of proximal humerus.
None of the patients with simple fracture developed AVN; a nonunion rate of 20% and AVN rate of 40% in complex fractures indicated the inherent severity of these injuries.
McGoldrick said: "Bryan suffered a very complex fracture to his leg.
If it's a complex fracture, we need to do an urgent operation.
Although, this is a very difficult and complex fracture pattern that is associated with a high incidence of very poor clinical outcomes, [sup][15] we propose emergent internal fixation and gain an anatomic reduction and stable internal fixation for this young patient.
Treatment of other complex fracture types often requires operative management.
To deal with these complex fracture patterns of distal tibia which are potentially unstable, and to improve the results associated with open reduction and internal fixation, minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis (MIPO) technique has been developed and shown to have good results.
The extensive complex fracture to the right side was caused by a "high force major impact" in the hours before her admission to hospital.
Mr Baynham died 18 days later, in October last year, after a complex fracture of the skull and brain damage due to the fall, the court heard.
The injury proved to be more serious than first thought and the complex fracture required additional surgery, and lengthy rest.
He was diagnosed having right frontal bone, orbital blow out and zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture.
She suffered a complex fracture of her left elbow which required a five-hour operation and swelling and bruising to her eye and various cuts.