complex fracture

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com·plex frac·ture

a fracture with significant soft tissue injury.

complex fracture

a closed fracture in which the soft tissue surrounding the bone is severely damaged.

com·pli·cat·ed frac·ture

(kom'pli-kā-tĕd frak'shŭr)
Breakage in an osseous structure such that the sharp edges of the bone have pierced an organ or bodily structure.
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McGoldrick said: "Bryan suffered a very complex fracture to his leg.
It's like a complex fracture,'' Yasunari Ueno, chief market economist at Mizuho Securities Co.
Former Newbury Park soccer player Casey Schmidt will miss the rest of Boston College's season after suffering a complex fracture in his eye area in a match Thursday at Harvard.
The role of intraoperative ultrasonography in zygomatic complex fracture repair.
Mr Kumar said: "The complex fracture of his left hip socket was fixed using specialist equipment which results in minimal scarring and a shorter recovery time for the patient.
Treatment of other complex fracture types often requires operative management.
Even when he was playing for his country, the complex fracture was still not sufficiently healed for him to be able to hold the ball.
The injury proved to be more serious than first thought and the complex fracture required additional surgery, and lengthy rest, meaning the Irish-born chef was effectively out of action for several months.
But initial scans have led Chelsea to believe the leftback sustained a simple rather than a complex fracture.
Dr Rae said: "It was a very complex fracture, but we managed to get Paul back with us straight away so he could get the best possible attention.
Since March 16, when he suffered a complex fracture to his right arm in a fall on the all-weather track at Lingfield, Moore has been building himself up for a comeback.
This was not a single linear fracture - it was a major complex fracture some 18cm long.