complex febrile convulsion

com·plex feb·rile con·vul·sion

a febrile convulsion that is prolonged (that is, longer than 15 minutes' duration) or is associated with focal neurologic deficits.
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[sup][22] Moreover, there is a correlation between complex febrile convulsion that occur in early childhood and TLE that manifests in the adult stage of life.
This finding provides a potential mechanistic link between complex febrile convulsion and TLE.
Besides mean age of FS, many large scale studies have demonstrated young age as a risk factor for complex febrile convulsion e.g.
Antecedents and outcome of simple and complex febrile convulsions among Saudi children.
Children with recurrent complex febrile convulsions should be considered for non-urgent neuro-imaging with MRI scan and EEG.
Complex febrile convulsions are more likely to be caused by a serious condition than simple febrile convulsions.
recurrent febrile seizures, nor between the 94 with complex febrile convulsions and those with simple febrile seizures.
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